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Whitney Scott Mathers Biological Father Eric Hartter

Eric Hartter, real father of Whitney Scott

If you are a fan of Eminem, You probably have heard, or have known a lot about Eminem’s daughter Whitney Scott. But it might come to you as a surprise when  I reveal the truth that Whitney is not a biological daughter of Em. Whitney Scott Mathers was Born as Whitney Hartter from mother Kim and father Eric Hartter. Here is everything you need to know about him from his family, mother Marie Hartter, to the relationship with Kim and daughter Whitney.

Who is Eric Hartter?

Professionally he is a Tattoo artist and a biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers. The ones who are close to Eric Hartter revealed the truth of him being quite a troublesome man. Apart from the Tattoo work, he was involved in different Criminal Activities especially involving drugs.

Eric Hartter is a biological Father of Whitney Scott Mathers.

Though Whitney has spent all of her life being Eminem’s daughter, the fact em is not a real father doesn’t change. Though Eric Hartter is a real father, sadly he hasn’t spent any time with his daughter because he was still in the run for drug charges and police were looking for him everywhere. Even during the birth of his daughter, he couldn’t make it to the hospital.

Despite Eric being a real father, his name wasn’t in Whitney’s birth certificate. Kim being a single mother could not raise her alone. After six months, Kim and Eminem started seeing each other and not so long after that she moved in with the rapper. Eminem adopted Whitney and the real father Hartter was not allowed to see his own daughter.

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When Eric asked to see his daughter in the phone conversation with Kim, Kim denied his request, She said

“ Just take me to court if you want to see her. Take me to court. “

He could have requested the court for a paternity test, which would prove him being Whitney’s real father and that could give him visitation rights, but the situation wasn’t that simple at that moment because Eric was on the run from the law.

Clint Rice, a Warrant Officer of the St. Care Shores Police Department was given duty of bringing Eric Hartter to Police Custody.If he were to process the visitation rights up in the court, he Would be under arrest. Warrant Officer Clint Rice says

“Eric Hartter is wanted on a felony warrant from our city for possession with intent to deliver drugs, resting and obstructing an officer, operating when impaired, and also giving a false identification to a police officer”

His Relationship with Kim Mathers

Kim Mathers was married to Eminem but the couple’s relationship was full of ups and downs. They finally decided to split and got divorced in 2001. After 6 months of divorce Kim gave birth to Whitney. Kim clearly said that Eric Hartter was the father, which means Kim and Eric were in a relationship when she was still with Eminem.

He had been involved in different against the law activities and was wanted by police. Although there have not been any official records of his Criminal charges, according to a warrant officer in his interview said Eric Hartter has been charged with:

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-Drug trafficking

– Resting and obstructing a police officer

-Operating when impaired

Giving false identification.


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