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Christiane Amanpour Net Worth, Husband, Age, Wiki-Bio 2022

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Image of Christiane Amanpour: Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki-Bio

One of the leading journalists of the late 20th century and the early 21st centuries, Christiane Amanpour is television host of the Amanpour and company. She is a British-Iranian journalist and is the Chief International Anchor of CNN. She was born in London, in England and was brought up in Tehran at the age of 11. With a high net worth, the lady managed to have an inspirational and gradually developing career. After the completion of her education in Iran, she went to the boarding school in England when she was at a tender age of 11. After that, she pursued further in all girls Holy Cross Convent School at the age of 16.

She has had many bad days; her family had to change the nation due to the war possibilities between Iran and Iraq. The family remained in England as they found it tough to return to Iran again. Christiane Amanpour has even faced many critics as some group of the society felt that she was biased against the Serbs, but she was solely dedicated towards her work.

Christiane Amanpour Net worth.

The highlights of the biographic information of Christiane will include the sources of income, information about career, cars, houses and other possessions, the net worth of the person. Following are some of the detailed information about the witty journalist is as follows:

The net worth of Christiane Amanpour is estimated to be 12.5 million as a host and a journalist if all his valuables, possessions and property is taken into account.

Image of Journalist, CHristiane Amanpour net worth is $12.5 million

Journalist, Christiane Amanpour net worth is $12.5 million

If we talk of the sources of the income of Christiane, then this is surely her job, as a journalist of CNN and as a host in Amanpour and company. She has been in this profession since 1993 and has never had a look back since then as she has shown an ultimate extent of dedication that anyone can bear towards his or her work.

Salary of Christiane Amanpour is around 2 million dollars in CNN. She is quite an integral part of CNN international.

She lives in London with her husband in London.

Christiane Amanpour is Married to Husband James Rubin.

She is married to James Rubin who was is the former US Assistant Secretary of the state as well as a spokesperson for the US state department during the administration of Clinton. Her husband was also an informal adviser to the Hillary Clinton who was the former of the US secretary of State. She has a son who is a teenager.

Image of Christiane Amanpour with her husband James Rubin and son Darius John Rubin

Christiane Amanpour with her husband James Rubin and son Darius John Rubin

Christiane Amanpour Age, nationality, and ethnicity, Wiki-Bio:

She took birth on the 12th of January in the year 1958, and she is 60 years old. If we talk of the siblings of Christiane, then she has one sister named Lizzy Amanpour. As stated about her husband above, she was married in the year 1998.

Her net worth is 12.5 million dollar whereas her salary is 2 million dollars. She is a person who has had the experience of different cultures. She was born in London, raised in Tehran. Her mother was a Christian whereas her father was Muslim. She can speak English and Farsi.

Her husband is an eminent person and is a well-established politician in the United States. He has experienced many positions for sure, and his legacy is loud for sure. Her work has been given recognition, awards, and praises as she has proven herself to be fittest for the job each time.

She rose to fame in the year 1980 for her reports of Iran. Since then, she was awarded various respectable titles. She was also criticized a lot, but she claimed the intention she had behind her works. She has also been in the movies like Iron Man 2 where she had played the role of herself.

Moreover, Christiane Amanpour even worked and produced various documentaries which are renowned all over the world. Having a deeper investigation in the career of Christiane is worth it.

Christiane Amanpour has been a fair journalist who was solely dedicated for his works and other than that she has also been an example for people by being a part of the works which are tough and barely could have been done by any other journalists. She even reported the Bosnian War.

She was born to Mohammed Amanpour who was an Iranian and Patricia Amanpour who was from London.

Age 60 years (Born January 12, 1958)
Net Worth $ 12.5 Million
Spouse James Rubin (Husband)
Kids Darius John Rubin (Son)


Occupation Journalist at CNN and Host for Amanpour and Company
Parents Mohammad Amanpour (Father)

Patricia Amanpour (Mother)

Nationality British
Ethnicity White

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