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Yolanda McClary Wikipedia-Biography, Age, Birthday, Married Life and Husband.

Yolanda McClary

If you have watched the Crime investigating TV series cold justice, you probably know Yolanda Mcclary. Before starring in 47 episodes of 3 Seasons of the hit Tv Show “Cold Justice,” she served 26 years in the Police department. In Wikipedia-type biography, let’s find out more about Yolanda Mcclary’s age, Married life, and birthday.

Is Yolanda Mcclary married to a husband?

Yes, She is happily married to her husband, Michael Kelly McClary, Since 1990. Her husband is not a Tv celebrity star like herself, so there isn’t much information about him on the internet. But there hasn’t been any news about the couple’s dispute on social media either. So our best guess is the couple has been happily married.


She is blessed with a daughter who is 38 years old as of writing this article in 2022. Other than a daughter she also has a baby boy who is still a toddler.

Son of Yolanda McClary and Michael Kelly Mcclary sleeping with his cute pose
Yolanda McClary and her husband Michael Kelly McClary only son

Source: Facebook

she likes her privacy. Other than her son, daughter, and husband nothing about her family is exposed in the media. But she is found posting some images of her son and daughters in social media.

Yolanda Mcclary age, birthday

Some fans want to know Yolanda McClary’s age. So how old is she? Well, she hasn’t shared that info, not even in her social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook or Wikipedia. Although the exact birth year is unknown, we know she was born on August 20th. We know this because we found her exchanging birthday wishes in her twitter and Instagram with her fans. We are aware that her daughter is 38 years as of 2022, so our best guess on Yolanda Mcclary’s age is that she has to be in her mid-50s.

Family Picture: Yolanda McClary seems happy with her daughter
Yolanda McClary wishing birthday to her daughter on Facebook

Source: Facebook

Yolanda McClary Wikipedia type Biography

Before she came to the limelight as a television personality, Yolanda worked for 26 years for Las Vegas police department, and out of all those years in service, she worked in the crime lab for 16 years. She investigated robberies, sexual assaults, fire deaths, domestic violence, narcotics, burglaries, vice, batteries, etc. In her career, she has more than 7,000 crime scenes investigation experience.

Before she retired from her service, she dedicated the last two years of her career to crimes to catch the perpetrator, and also she was able to link them to other different cases for prosecution.

Her work inspired one of the famous characters, “Marg Helgenberger,” character on Crime scene Investigation (CSI).

Why isn’t she in Cold Justice anymore?

Yolanda and Kelly Siegler worked alongside in the show ColdJustice until the last season in 2015. The show was again aired on the different channel in 2017 but then fans realized something was missing. For some reason, Yolanda Mcclary wasn’t in the new series. She has left the show and started her other projects. Many fans were not pleased to see her leave the show. Some fans tweeted and commented that the show isn’t same without her and even requested her to come back.

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