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Winnfred Wilford: Bio, Age, Wiki, Kids, Everything About Debbie Allen’s ex-husband

Winnfred Wilford's ex-wife Debbie Allen and her present husband Norm Nixon

Winnfred Wilford is known in the industry because he is married to Debbie Allen. He was the ex-husband of the famous American actress Debbie Allen, a choreographer, and a dancer. Winnfred was also part of the Hollywood industry. However, he wished to maintain a low profile, and his work was almost behind the scenes.

Hence, he could not become as famous as his wife, Debbie. However, he worked as vice-president at CBS Records and served as a publicist at Epic Label. Let’s find out about Winnfred Wilford’s age wiki in this biography.

Winnfred Wilford Married life and Divorce Debbie.

Would you believe it if we told you that Debbie proposed to Winnfred? The lovebirds met during musical rehearsals where Debbie was the lead dancer and Wilford was the chorus boy. Wilford drove a Mercedes Benz and never maintained time. He came late and was always well-dressed.

This attracted Debbie towards him, and she confessed it to him. After dating for some time, the couple got married in 1973, but they did not have a successful marriage life because of Debbie’s hectic work schedule, and they got divorced in 1983. Debbie and Wilford do not have any children on their own from their marriage.

Debbie Allen with her first husband Winnfred Wilford married in 1973

Caption: Winnfred Wilford divorced his wife Debbie Allen in 1983

Source: Whosdatedwho

There have been no other rumors or gossip about Winnfred dating any other woman or being involved in any other relationships apart from his marriage with Debbie.

The reasons for Winnfred’s separation from Debbie?

Being a famous actress, Debbie seemed constantly busy and had hectic schedules. There were times when Debbie had to work for more than 13 hours, which induced a lot of friction between the couple. It looks like this was the main reason the couple chose to legally separate in 1983.

Wiki info, age,  Bio of Winnfred Wilford

Born with black ethnicity, the age of Winnfred Wilford is 68 Years old as in 2017. This gentleman has always chosen to stay away from the limelight and has never sought unwanted attention. Though Debbie first proposed to him, he never claimed for anything and did not want to grab any attention then or neither now. There have been no details about his personal life, which shows how conservative he is about his personal life.

Winnfred has always chosen to avoid all sorts of rumors and gossip. He was only known to all of them when he decided to marry Debbie Allen, the famous actress in the American film industry.

Apart from this, there have been no records available on Wilford’s personal life. After his separation from Debbie, Wilford has not updated anything about his relationship status to any of his fans or the media. It looks like, he is conservative about his matters and wants to keep them close to his heart.

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