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Wicked Tuna cast Net Worth And Salary

Wicked Tuna Cast's net worth

Wicked Tuna is a reality tv show where the fishermen on the crew experience the dangerous life of tuna fishing. Fishing for tuna is a day to day activity for many fishermen who live in Gloucester. It is a hard fact that we are almost ever eager to gain access to the lives of celebrities. We always want to know how much celebrities earn for doing what they do. We want to know their net worth and we definitely want to know their salary.Let us find out more about the entire Wicked Tuna cast, their net worth, and salary.

Wicked Tuna cast net worth and salary

As a matter of fact, we can easily get to know a celebrities net worth. The general public whom we may refer to as fans has become so obsessed with the affluent, materialistic lifestyle of celebrities, especially those on reality television.

In the lives of people, when a new film is to be released, what is the first thing that creeps into your mind? What is the salary of the actors and actresses? What is the revenue that the film has made? And of course, we will want to know what the producer went walking away with.

On countless occasions, blockbuster movies have made topped charts and brought in over $1 billion. The movie was not the sole excitement of viewers, but many were left in awe about the money the film made. The quality and value of the film were not considered when grading a film.

People are greatly interested in money and we can easily say that money is not something that controls society. People wonder about the salaries of others, people worry about how much they have. People worry moreover about how much other people have.

Celebrities have become open books with regards to their monetary value. Their salaries and net worth are somewhat hinted by the public. Wicked Tuna seemed to be a success, but did the reality television show brighten up their star’s  bank accounts? We have learned of the Wicked Tuna cast salary and net worth.

Tyler McLaughlin net worth and salary per episode

The star was born in Rye Harbor, England. He developed a passion for fishing when he was just two years old. Tyler and his father would go on a fishing trip together when he was younger. Tyler has a net worth of $400 000. His salary has not been revealed to the media, however, it is reported that each boat on Wicked Tuna receives $2000-$3000 per episode.

Tyler McLaughlin's net worth is $400 thousand
Tyler McLaughlin’s net worth is $400 thousand

Dave Carraro net worth and salary per episode

As a child, Dave enjoyed fishing with his father and family often. He made his first achievement in fishing when he caught his first fish when he was seven years old.He caught his first tuna in his early teens in New Jersey.Dave has a net worth of $600,000 and his salary per episode is $8300.

Dave Carraro's net worth is $600,000
Dave Carraro’s net worth is $600,000

Paul Hebert net worth and salary per episode

Paul Hebert is an American commercial fisherman and reality television personality who also began his fishing obsession as a young child. He has a net worth of $400 thousand and has not revealed his salary to the media as yet.

Dave Marciano net worth and salary per episode

The 52-year-old American has a net worth of $500 000.

Mike Rowe net worth and salary per episode

Mike has an estimated net worth of $45 million and an annual salary of $10 000.

More on Wicked Tuna

Members of Wicked Tuna
Wicked Tuna Cast

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Wicked Tuna was aired on April 1, 2012. The reality television show gives viewers a live view of the way of life of fishermen.

They go through lots of trouble just to get their hands on a huge bluefin. Bluefin tuna is valued at more than $20,000, with that amount of money up for the claim, it is pretty much a race of survival of the fittest.

Five complete seasons of Wicked Tuna have aired. Season 6 is currently airing on National Geographic. Looking back at March 12, 2017, a total of 73 episodes have aired, as well as 6 special episodes. Season 6 witnessed a storm that affected Gloucester and made for a terrifying fishing day.

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  1. I think Dave Carraro is pompous and arrogant idiot. I can’t stand him. He makes watching Wicked Tuna a less pleasant experience. Seeing his mood swings from being a crybaby to a gloating schoolboy bully is like watching the short kid throwing rocks at younger kids on a playground. He needs to dial back on his chest pounding and get on with his job. Meaning stay in his airplane and off the show. I guess every show needs someone to hate and this guy is the one on Wicked Tuna.

  2. Agreed. I have told the producers that if he keeps winning, I’m going to quit watching. But I’m sure he’s still on the show because he draws ratings.

  3. Dave needs a pacifier for his fits. I would love to spend 1 day with Tyler fishing next to the putz dave.

  4. You know..I tried to find fault with Dave…but the man just wants to fish and be left alone.Paul on the other hand is a waste of human cells.He is obnoxious to a fault , and nobody would talk and treat me like that.Ever! Unless he was into black eyes..

  5. Watching Paul is very hard to do he talks out of both sides of his mouth. I’m sure he is the same goofball of camera. I always want to punch a wall after watching him. Even though t.j. ott is lazy, at least he’s not a sneaky weasel like Dave carreno. Tyler and Duffy get my vote. Tyler is great captain, with hard merch. Dave a close second of he will leave his daughter on shore and get back to business. I love this damn show. Truly awesome thanks

  6. I get so tired of hearing these guys say ” we have a family to support ” no bleep….I am sure everyone out there has family to feed. Dave Marciano is absolutely my favorite..he cracks me up when he talks with his hands! Keep up the hard work ..and be you can see, you have a good following.

  7. Captain Dave Marciano is my favorite Captain. TJ’s brother is the laziest fisherman. Really enjoy the series. Not really feeling the Outer Banks series. I do like the Captain that prays before each outing

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