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Why is Jason Hawes not On The New Ghost Hunter Reboot? 2022

Image of Why is Jason Hawes not On The New Ghost Hunter Reboot

Jason Hawes is a reality star, plumber by day and ghostbuster by night. He was famous for his appearances on the Syfy docuseries, Ghost Hunters alongside Grant Wilson.

Even after Wilson left the show in its eighth season, he still held on the role of a host until its sudden end in 2016. Fans expected his grand return after the A&E Network picked up the series for its forthcoming seasons.

However, they were treated to a rude shock upon the realization that Jason Hawes would not return for the Ghost Hunters reboot and here’s why.

Jason Hawes New Series, Ghost Nation.

The paranormal investigator won’t be returning to the new Ghost Hunters reboot because he has other commitments. However, he is not alone. Tagging along on the Ghost Hunters reboot disappearing acts are none other than co-stars Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango.


We first learned of the news through an Instagram post made by Steve back in June. The same report was reiterated upon the announcement that the A&E Network would handle the return of Ghost Hunters.

Image of Jason Hawes from the TV show, Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes from the TV show, Ghost Hunters

One curious fan took to Twitter and asked, “What happened to Jason Hawes? Why is He not there?” While the response he got came as a reassurance, some would argue that it was a disappointment.

Ghost Nation is currently in its initial phase of filming and will grace our screens come October 2019. Moreover, The Travel Channel will handle its production and distribution. The series will have its footing centered on the investigative chases Jason Hawes in search for paranormal related activity.

Grant Wilson returns on Ghost Hunters Reboot.

The revamped series will also see the return of Grant Wilson, a former original member of the franchise. Like Jason Hawes, he is also a part-time plumber and fan of ghost hunting. Moreover, Wilson is also a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Image of Grant Wilson on Ghost Hunters reboot

Grant Wilson on Ghost Hunters reboot

Without Jason Hawes on the series reboot, is it likely to fail? Not entirely. The series introduces new cast members like Darly Marston, Bill Murray, Richel Stratton, Brandon Davis, and Kristen Luman.

The new blood is set to bring out a real rivalry between Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation. Either that or we will experience a new set of fan division between the two shows. Regardless, we will have answers come October 2019 when Ghost Nation premieres on the Travel Channel.

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