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Is Whoopi Goldberg Gay After the divorce from husband?

Image of Is Whoopi Goldberg Gay After the divorce from husband

When the topic of sexuality gets pondered upon by the Award-winning actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg, she never gives a flying you-know-what. Her light takes on the matter fuels the fire that spills the rumors that she is gay.

So is she gay? Considering she divorced all three of her husbands and never remarried again really raises a lot of eyebrows. Find out here and more on her failed marriages as well.

Her married life and Husbands

Whoopi Goldberg And Alvin Martin

Before all the money and fame, Whoopi was a regular teenager living in New York City. She met her boyfriend named Alvin Edward Martin, who wed in 1973. It was a case of doing the right thing because she was heavy with the child.

Image of Whoopi Goldberg with her boyfriend Alvin Martin

Whoopi Goldberg with her boyfriend, Alvin Martin

Alvin is an English retired football player who made most of his career playing for West Ham United as a defender. His marriage to Whoopi was the longest she ever had. The couple got married for roughly six years before moving to SplitsVille in 1979. Many have speculated that the only reason they made it that long was their daughter, Alex Martin, born on May 9th, 1973.

Whoopi Goldberg And David Claessen

The A-list actress took a leave of absence from the dating world for about seven years. During this time, Whoopi focused on raising her daughter since she was a single mom and divorcee. However, she met David Claessen, who swooped her off her feet.

Image of Whoopie Goldberg with her ex- husband David Claessen

Whoopie Goldberg with her ex-husband David Claessen

Within a short time frame, the two lovers recited their marriage vows in 1986. David was a skilled Cinematographer, and if it weren’t his wedding, he would have taken the shots himself. Unlike Whoopi’s first marriage, her second union was short-lived and lasted for about two years before they split in 1988.

Whoopi Goldberg And Lyle Trachtenberg.

Goldberg’s third and final marriage was on October 1st, 1994. The saying: Three times is a charm went entirely out the window since this was the shortest marriage she was ever in. Like David, she also had no kids with Lyle. Within a year into the relationship, the pair decided to call it off.

Image of Whoopi Goldberg with her husband Lyle Trachtenberg

Whoopi Goldberg with her husband, Lyle Trachtenberg

So what exactly was the cause of the trifecta of her failed romance? Well, in a couple of interviews, the Sister Act star confessed to never genuinely falling in love with her husband. Instead, she went ahead with the union to feel normal. Her second marriage ended due to constant arguments and not seeing eye to eye.

Did Whoopi Goldberg Turn Gay?

After the marriages, she still got back onto the love boat with boyfriends Ted Danson from Cheers, Timothy Dalton, and others. However, she made sure not to dock her heart this time around. This got fans riling upon her sexuality and termed her as gay.

Furthermore, let’s not forget some of the roles she took up and executed naturally. The most iconic lead role was playing Jane, a lesbian on the comedy-drama film Boys on the Side. Moreover, she is a huge advocate and supporter of the LGBT community and their rights.

With all these rumors pointing South, she finally set everyone straight by explaining she is as straight as an arrow. The actress has never had any relations with any woman before and dismisses the allegations citing that her marriages, however tragic, should be a clear answer to sexuality.


The gay rumors surrounding Whoopi Goldberg don’t irk her since she has more important things to pay attention to, like her family. Her former husbands have also moved away from the spotlight since their divorce. Check Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth.

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