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Who is Keyshia Cole dating after divorce from Ex-Husband Daniel Gibson? Know Keyshia Cole Boyfriend. 2022

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Image of Who is Keyshia Cole dating after divorce from Ex-Husband, Know Keyshia Cole Boyfriend.

This article will answer all your questions about Keyshia Cole’s life after her divorce from the former NBA player Daniel Gibson, and her new relationships.

Keyshia Cole Married life and divorced from Ex-Husband Daniel Gibson.

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson’s relationship came to a halt when rumors of the NBA player cheating on his wife surfaced. Daniel Gibson is said to have had an affair with a stripper.

If you have listened to Keyshia Cole’s current releases, you can easily tell infidelity was the cause of their breakup.

Image of Keyshia Cole with her husband Daniel Gibson

Keyshia Cole with her husband, Daniel Gibson

Keyshia had been quiet on the matter until a recent interview where she said she and Daniel Gibson are not an item anymore, they are only co-parenting. On the other hand, Daniel has not said anything about this predicament. However, in a recent interview with RollingOut, he confessed that he is to blame for the breakup. Gibson said that he cheated on Keyshia Cole several times at a time the NBA player was supposed to be there for her, but he did not. He emphasized that he cheated on his wife on many things, and he takes full responsibility.

However, the duo is cordial. On mother’s day, Daniel Gibson posted an emotional message on mother’s day, praising her baby mama on his Instagram page. But not even that helped get the two back together.

Keyshia Cole further said that he and Gibson are no longer living together. She only allowed him to stay with her for the sake of their son. Keyshia opened up to Breakfast Club that it was bizarre of Gibson to ask her for advice about his relationship with Brooke Valentine. She further stated that she no longer has feelings for Daniel Gibson. In fact, in the TV reality show Love & Hip-hop, Keyshia Cole was quoted saying she is single and she can do whatever she wants. He hinted that Gibson did whatever he wished when they were still together, meaning that he cheated.

Keyshia Cole other Boyfriend and relationship

Keyshia is rumored to have been in a relationship with Floyd Mayweather, and this had been a hot topic for a while. There were rumors that the two were set to marry, especially when in 2016, Floyd Mayweather bought her a new Mercedes- Benz. Moreover, so, it appeared as if Keyshia was ready to seal a deal with the world champion.

Questions and eyebrows were raised when the R&B singer flew from a performance in Philadelphia to catch the boxer’s anticipated fight against Conor Mcgregor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the news by New York Daily, Keyshia Cole only performed a little more than half an hour at the Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s Community Special Day in the town of Brotherly Love, and later jetted in Las Vegas in a private jet.

Image of Keyshia Cole with his boyfriend Floyd Mayweather

Keyshia Cole with his boyfriend, Floyd Mayweather

The newspaper further reported that Keyshia Cole was eager to land in Vegas and she pressured everyone in Philadelphia. She tried her best to reschedule her performance. However, the show was later changed from 7 pm to 2 pm to have ample time to fly to Las Vegas to watch the match.  She was escorted by the police to the airport.

Lack was on her side though; she made it to the match, a few minutes before it started. Keyshia Cole posted her champ bae on her Instagram account. It seems she was happy to be with him finally.

Is Keyshia Cole Dating a Boyfriend now after divorce?

The Shade Room reported that Keyshia Cole has now moved from Daniel Gibson and is currently in a relationship with a 22-year-old singer, Niko Khale. The two lovebirds have been seen together on some occasions. They were recently seen on a quad bike, all smileys. According to the website, Keyshia Cole celebrated her boyfriend’s mother’s birthday at Niko Khale’s mother’s home.

Keyshia Cole and Boyfriend Niko Khalé Are Still Going Strong - Essence

If you have seen Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood, you must know Keyshia Cole her ex-husband had been living together, even though they were not dating.

All in all, no one is certain whether or not Niko is the right guy for Keyshia Cole. Either way, she looks thrilled in her new relationship. The Two lovebirds have been dating for several months now.

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