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Where is Erica Hill from Today show? Her Net Worth, Salary. 2022

Image of Where is Erica Hill from Today show?

Her whereabouts are not the only question you all want to know about the journalist since her earnings are a significant concern. This ranks among the top questions asked by most, if not all, fans of Today’s show. If you didn’t know, Today is an American news show that airs every morning on NBC.

Well, be ready to discover Erica Hill from Today’s show whereabouts as well as her husband and age, but not before you understand Erica Hill’s net worth and salary, along with her sources of income.

Erica Hill Net worth and salary

Unlike most celebrities, Erica Hill’s net worth and salary are not hidden from the public. Therefore, there is no need to tense about whether you’ll be successful in unveiling her net worth and salary. As of 2022, reputable sources estimated Erica Hill’s net worth and salary as $6 million and $750,000, respectively.

However, speculations are that her net worth and salary will rapidly increase in the next couple of years because she does not seem to be delaying any greener opportunity that comes her way, which is pretty much okay. You better keep it here if we update Erica Hill’s net worth and salary.

Erica Hill Married to a husband? Or dating boyfriend?

In 2006, the newscaster was among the 100 beautiful people in People’s magazine. She is married, and Erica Hill’s husband is no one else but David Yount. You are therefore not excepting her to be single, are you?

Image of Erica Hill with her husband David Yount

Erica Hill with her husband, David Yount

The couple officially said goodbye to dating life on 15th October 2006. To be precise, their wedding was that wished by most ladies as it was a beach wedding held in Atlanta. Before their marriage, the duo had been dating for nearly two years because they met in 2004, and Erica Hill’s husband proposed a year after they met.

Erica Hill’s husband is currently the executive director of his company LicenseLogix a firm dealing with licensing needs). Before then, Erica Hill’s husband had worked as a lawyer at Levenson & Associates for four years since 2004.

Image of Erica Hill with her husband David Yount and their two childrens

Erica Hill with her husband David Yount and their two children

Together, Erica and her husband are blessed with two children and sons. The firstborn, Weston Robert Yount, was born on 25th November 2006, and the second son and last taken as of now called Sawyer Steven Yount was born on 23rd March 2010.

Where is Erica Hill from Today’s show? Her career details.

Although she had been in the limelight before her fame began appearing on Today’s show, perhaps this is why you all cannot help but ask where Erica Hill is from Today show? She is currently working at CNN as a contributor and as a daytime newscaster at HLN.

However, her career did not begin in 2012 in the Weekend Today show or Today show, as you call it. It started way back in 1998 after her graduation. This year, she worked for PC Week Radio as a production assistant for their PC Week magazine online. In the same year, she worked as a conference coordinator for the Software Publishers Association.

The queen has also worked with TechTV as a team member of their news show from 2002-to 2003. This was after she was promoted from her initial post of reporting. Here, she got into the limelight as she regularly wrote for the 9/11 terrorist attack.

After leaving TechTV in 2003, Erica Hill joined CNN as a headline news anchor. This was not her only job at CNN because a year after joining the channel, she served as a national correspondent for CNN Newsource. She also hosted the Prime News and co-hosted CNN Tonight for three months before joining CBS News till 2012.

Wiki-bio, age, birthdate

Your favorite news reporter was born on 20th July 1975. As of 2018, you can comfortably state that she is 45 years. Not much is known about her father other than being separated from the star’s mother, Jennifer, when she was seven months pregnant.

Erica Hill was raised single-handedly by her mother and had no siblings. She is from the white ethnic group and an American by nationality. Concerning her education, she graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1988.

Quick Facts About Erica Hill

Name Erica Hill
Age 45
Birthdate 20.07.1976
Birthplace Clinton, Connecticut, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Jennifer-Mother
Career Journalism
Net worth $7 million
Salary 750,000
Husband David Yount
Children Two sons

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