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What is Jean Muggli doing now after divorce from Michael Strahan? 2022

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Jean Muggli is well known as the ex-wife of the former American football star, Michael Strahan. He played in the NFL  until his retirement in 2007. She was born in North Dakota in the United States of America on November 30th, 1964. She was raised alongside her sister, Denise Muggli.

Jean Muggli grew up in New York City and went to elementary and high school in the same city. She worked as a cosmetic store manager. Jean got married to a football superstar in 1999.  She was his second wife after he had divorced his first wife Wanda Hutchins. Like many celebrity marriages, this one did not last a long time. They were in court six years later, in one of the most acrimonious and expensive divorce cases.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli’s married life and split.

It was love at first sight for Michael Strahan, when he first saw Jean Muggli at a spa, where she worked as a shop attendant in 1999. Michael kept visiting the spa skincare salon to purchase soap bars, just to take a glimpse of his new attraction, Jean Muggli. The couple tied the knot the same year.

Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife Jean Muggli Arrested for Allegedly Attacking  Ex-Girlfriend | Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan | Just Jared

The couple bore twins Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan, born in 2004. They are now in their teens living with their mother. 

Jean and Michael lived very well until emerging news in 2005, of violence, began to arise from their relationship. Jean Muggli accused the husband of beating and threatening her. According to her, he beat her violently, damaging her kidney.

She went ahead to accuse him of having affairs with other women. Jean Muggli claimed that the husband denied her conjugal rights and neglected their children. She claimed that Michael had secretly recorded her sister undressing while she stayed with them.

Michael Strahan also laid claims against his wife Jean Muggli, who he said had withdrawn $ 3.3 million from their bank account without his approval. After the ugly divorce with many long winding claims, the judges dismissed the physical violence claims against Michael but went to grant a divorce to the couple in the year, 2006.

The divorce resulted in a huge settlement. The judges granted Jean Muggli alimony of $15 million and a monthly sum of $18,000 for child care. Expensive is not an appropriate enough word to describe their divorce.

Michael Strahan And His Ex-Wife, Jean Muggli, Are Battling It Out In Court  Over Their Twins

Jean was a spendthrift who spent a lot of money on her two daughters: $1700 for sign language classes, $27,000 on clothing, and $22,500 on the photo. She used her daughters as an excuse for her high expenditures.

Michael Strahan went back to court to appeal the high level of expenditure. In 2007 the court ordered Michael to sell off his mansion to settle the divorce. They split the money fifty-fifty.

Michael in one of his ABC game shows in 2012, opened up about the accusations from his ex-wife, saying

“I think early on when you’re reading all these things in the paper that aren’t true — I’m not an adulterer. I’m not gay. I mean, I didn’t beat anybody.”

What Is Jean Muggli Doing Now? Career Wise.

Now, Jean Muggli has moved on, is single, and is busy raising her two teenage daughters. 

Who is Michael Strahan's ex-wife Jean Muggli Strahan and why was she  arrested?

Relationship Status.

Jean Muggli is still single and has concentrated on her work of raising their two daughters. Her ex-husband dated Nicole Mitchel, Eddie Murphy’s former wife. They split in 2014.

Net Worth, Age, Family, Wiki-Bio

Jean Muggli doesn’t have a specific professional career. As such, her net worth is a mystery. Her ex-husband Michael Strahan’s net worth is $ 65 million. 

Michael Strahan - Wife, Kids & Football Career - Biography

Jean Muggli was awarded $15 million with an additional $18,000 every month for her children’s support.

Their divorce was one of the most expensive separations in the history of sports entertainment. As per the court testimony, Jean Muggli claimed that their daughters like to ‘accessorized’.

The court then ordered that she also received $22500 for photoshoots, $27k on clothing, and $1700 for the language classes. As a result, Michael put his mansion on auction.

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