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What Happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men? Is He Still On Mountain Men or Did He leave?

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Born and raised in Idaho, USA, Rich Lewis is a reality television personality and a big cat hunter. Rich Lewis first rose to fame when he started as a cast of reality TV series titled ‘Mountain Men‘ on the History Channel. The show chronicles the real life-challenges of six gentlemen who use sheer canning and old-fashioned skills to survive.

He has been active in the show since the 2nd season in 2013. Rich developed an interest in mountains, nature, and hunting at a young age. His passion made him become an expert in tracking dangerous mountain lions in the country. He longed to enjoy a quiet life in rural bliss or mountain paradise.

Before joining the “Mountain Men,” Lewis was busy tracking mountain lions. He also used to eliminate wildlife threats in his village and earned a lot of money from the job. But a few months down the line, Lewis has been quiet, with many wondering what he has been up to. This left many of his fans asking questions.

In this post, we will answer your most pressing question about what has happened to Rich Lewis.

What happened to Rich Lewis On Mountain Men? Will He Appear in Mountain Men 2022?

Rumor has it that Lewis has left ‘Mountain Men.’ We may not have seen him in the spotlight lately, but we cannot tell whether he quit the popular TV series. Despite his success in the show, he has not made appearances recently. He left the show in the sixth episode of the series.

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However, he has not publicly announced why he decided to Leave the “Mountain Men” TV series. This has left many of his fans stunned. They have been asking whether Rich Lewis Leave Mountain Men or What happened to him.

Did Rich Lewis Leave Mountain Men? Or is He still on the show?

Many Mountain Men fans are curious whether Rich Lewis is still a part of Mountain Men or not.

It always comes as a surprise when a popular television personality leaves their TV show voluntarily. Despite his critical acclaim and solid ratings, Rich Lewis could be one of these stars who may have made a premature exit without warning.

Of course, no one quits a significant series for no reason. There are so many reasons why stars leave their popular television shows. The most common cause is their ratings may have risen. They are off to better and bigger things like movie stardom. At times, that may not be the case. Other times, they might be unhappy with their role on the show.

They clash with showrunners or producers over the direction of their character. Also, some people quit because they do not want to deal with the pressure of fame. Perhaps Lewis may have felt it is time to leave and pursue other projects.

What Is Rich on Mountain Men doing now?

Lewis lives in an isolated village in Montana. He’s been staying away from the usual crowd for the past 26 years with his wife, Diana. We could not find much information about his personal life, including children and family members. There is no further information about Lewis’s part-time jobs.

10 thoughts on “What Happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men? Is He Still On Mountain Men or Did He leave?”

  1. I really miss you rich you’re my favorite character I’m from Northern California and love what you did with the lions mountain lions

  2. Rich is my favorite, according to wikipedia, he says he’s “too old” to continue on the show and has left it in season 8 … I’m very sad about that. I’m from Spain and I’d love to go see him at his cabin and spend a day chasing mountain lions with him.

  3. Rich did take a pretty nasty fall. However, the one I’m referring to happened over a year ago. He fractured ribs and severely bruised himself. He got bored with laying low so he could heal up and went back to work too soon.
    He seemed fine at the end of the season though.

  4. I realy hope Rich wil come back on the show , but only when he want’s to !
    It appears they trade him in for a younger model , i dont like that !
    He is a real mountain man , whit his old Willys (Wilbur) , the younger version drives a Toyota , hello !!!

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