What happened to Nick Groff? When and why Nick Groff leave “Ghost Adventure?”

Why did nick groff leave Ghost Adventure

Nick Groff made a mark as a reality television star from a hit US reality star “Ghost Adventure.” But sadly despite thousands of fan and followers supporting him and wanting to see him in the show, Nick Groff decided to leave the show, and his fans have been asking questions like, “What happened to Nick on Ghost Adventures? To clear things up, he told “Ghost Adventures” fans that he has decided to leave popular Travel Channel series. No worries you get to see him his new show “Ghost Stalkers.”

What happened to Nick Groff? Why did he leave Ghost Adventure?

He was a cast and an executive producer of “Ghost Adventure” for ten seasons. Nick Groff starred alongside other actors Like Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin. The show is all about investigating alleged haunted house and locations in pursuit of the ghost.

“Thank you everyone for your support through the years! I’m writing to say that I will no longer be a part of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. I am honored to have helped build an amazing paranormal phenomena that has touched people’s lives all around the world. I am continuing to research and investigate all things paranormal as I start the journey through the next stage of my Life. Much respect and love to all my GAC and Ghost Adventures fans. See you all soon,”

Nick said on his Facebook wall last Monday.

Groff didn’t specify why he is calling it quits from the show. Most of the fans speculate it is due to his brand new series on Destination America.

Recently Nick Groff is the executive producer similar new series, “Ghost Stalkers” which kicked off on the Discovery Channel’s sister channel during the week-long “Ghostober” celebration last month. Nick’s new series “Ghost Stalkers” premiered on October 19, 2014. But the show couldn’t catch much attention and haven’t aired new seasons after that.

“I’m very excited to announce my new show GHOST STALKERS airing October 19th,”

Groff said on Twitter.

So now you know what happened to Nick Groff on Ghost Adventures. He most likely left the show because he got a better opportunity in other series to boost his career.

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