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What happened to Gary Muehlberger from “Port Protection Alaska”? 2022

Things happened to Gary Muehlberger from “Port Protection Alaska”

Gary Muehlberger, widely known star of National Geographic Channel, was a TV personality and a fisherman.

He was an important crew member of the American Reality TV show named ‘Life below Zero: Port Protection,’ which is a continuation of “Port Protection Alaska.” The news of the TV star’s death put down many fans and the crew alike.

In this article, we discuss Gary Muehlberger’s death and find out its reasons.

Gary Muehlberger was the main cast of the TV show “Port Protection Alaska.”

Port Protection Alaska is a reality Television show that filmed seven people who belonged to an inaccessible and tiny island of Port protection and their daily lives. Muehlberger was one of the most popular members among those seven.

Gary Muehlberger, main cast of the TV show Port Protection Alaska

Port Protection, Alaska star, Gary Muehlberger

Gary starred in the show Port Protection Alaska from its origin. With about four decades of experience, he was a vital crew member of the show. Gary was also a skillful fisherman. He taught people several ways to trap different fish through the show. He also showed up himself with considerable survival skills in extreme situations. Moreover, thanks to ‘Portland Protection,’ many people learned about keeping themselves alive in thrilling and adverse conditions. He led the show by appearing in the highest number of episodes, counting 23.

How did Gary Muehlberger pass away?

On the 17th of March, 2021, came a black day for the fans of Gary Muehlberger. Around 11:30 a.m., the fire destroyed his house, and he went missing. After a couple of days, they found his dead body inside his home. After a thorough examination, the State Medical Examiner declared the body was Gary’s on the 25th of March.

Initial investigations state that the fire was accidental. Further, Gary owned a fire extinguisher, but it was insufficient for the defense. As the propane tank fire was massive and the remote area further negated his chances of rescue, the TV personality lost his life in the unfortunate incident. Gary’s character and extraordinary knowledge of the survival techniques were remarkable. His passing spread like a storm thatnews of his passing spread like a storm which saddened fans and the crew alike.

Image of a TV personality and a fisherman, Gary Muehlberger

TV personality and fisherman, Gary Muehlberger

Wife and Kids

Gary had kept secrecy in his personal life. Thus, it is pretty uneasy about assuming most things. It is quite unlikely for a 75-year-old man not to have a wife or children. However, the facts and events rising from time to time reflect a lot.

When Gary passed away, nobody came up as his partner or wife. Thus, we can assume he did not have any kids or a spouse. As previously mentioned, Gary lived with his dog, Turner. The 75-year-old Television Star was alone when he passed away in his own house.

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