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See What Happened To Duck Dynasty. This is why the show was canceled.

Duck Dynasty canceled

The duck dynasty, an American comedy reality show on A&E, delineated the activities of the Robertson’s, a well-off Louisiana family, famous for their blossoming family operated a business, duck commander, which composes merchandise for duck hunters. The Robertson men are long-bearded and Christian in faith. Wondering what happened to Duck Dynasty? Find out.

The Robertson’s (Phil, Kay, Silas, Al, Lisa, Jase, Missy, Reed, Colle, Willie, Korie, Johnluke, Sadie, Jeptha, Jessica, John Godwin, Justin Martin, jay stone)have an incredible sense of humor and are loyal to their southern roots.

Duck dynasty came to a halt on 12th April 2017 on A&E after it’s quinquennial footage. This was after the 11th season, is the highest Perceived nonfiction series in history with 9.6 million viewers in the third season finale, and 11.8 million viewers in the 4th season premiere. Let’s see why Duck Dynasty was canceled and what happened to the show.

What happened to the show duck dynasty?

The character’s industrious engagements away from the series may have led to the move.Willie’s daughter Sadie took an interest in “Dancing with the stars” and also in the photoplay “Am not Ashamed”.and wrote a book being the best selling author Willie spoke about politics, going to several political events and campaigning for current 45th Us.president Donald Trump being a vocal trump supporter.He also wrote a book.Uncle Si engaged in the spinoff series” Going Si-Rai” for A&E.

Why was Duck Dynasty canceled .?


Why was the show Duck Dynasty canceled?

A major decline in the appraisement of the show following offensive comments by family patriarch Phil Robertson in an interview with GQ could have led to the cancellation of the show. The family patriarch made displeasing comments(racist and antigay comparing homosexuality to being actuality, said

STDs are a punishment for infidelity, supported North Carolina transgender bathroom law saying that however much a man felt like a woman, he should not share a bathroom with women, shared an extreme law for dealing with ISIS and was highly against Atheism.

The displeasing comments led to his suspension by A&E, but he was later brought back. However, some fans resisted watching the series leading to a drastic decline in views with only 4.6 million views for the 6th season kick-off episode and 1.3 million views in the 10th season premiere of the formerly highest watched series of all times.

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Posted by Duck Dynasty on A&E on Friday, June 2, 2017

A&E and The Robertson’s affirmed and communicated to Fox411 that the discontinuation of the show was an inter mutual affair and concluded that the Duck dynasty 11th season would be the last.

There would be no 12th season for the previously highly ranked series which had beaten even the famous”keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Duck Dynasty

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The Robertson’s expressed their satisfaction, saying that after the quinquennial footage, it was time to bring the show to a halt. However, they said that they’d miss the show, but it was nice turning a new page.

So now you know what happened to Duck Dynasty and why was it canceled. Leave us a comment below.

Now you know what happened to Duck  Dynasty.

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