Warrick Dunn: Bio, Married, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, Family, Parents

Known to have played as running back in the National Football League for America, Warrick Dunn is one of the most eligible bachelors. It was unfortunate that his mother Betty Smothers, an off-duty police officer was killed during a bank robbery and at the age of 18, Dunn lost his mom and was responsible for taking care of his siblings. It looks like he has done a great job in his role as the head of the family.

Looks like Dunn is passionate about running as well and no wonder his record of completing a 100-metre race in 10.3 seconds is still remembered by a lot of his fans who keep a tab on him. Warrick’s hard work reflects on the kind of net worth he has today.

His married life with wife

This 42-year-old man is just interested in his career and looks like he has no affinity towards getting married or having a wife any sooner. In one of the interviews, Dunn did confess that he is scared of getting married and if at all he wishes to date someone, they have to be really patient.

He also has mentioned about how patient he was raising his siblings and he expects the same quality if at all he wishes to get married to a wife or date any girl. Isn’t that kind of romantic?

As yet, this five foot nine inches tall man is single and happy. There have been no rumors or gossips about him dating a girl or being married to anyone which clearly means that he has no wife till date.

Are there any details about Warrick Dunn’s past relationship and girlfriend?

The 11 Million USD net worth man does not seem to have any time for getting married and having a wife. There have been no evidence or reports about Dunn’s past relationship with any women. He has not been in the news inviting any sort of rumors about his personal life or any relationship issues.

Did you know about Dunn’s family, parents, and siblings?

Being the eldest of the six children of Betty Smothers, Warrick had the responsibility of raising his five siblings after his mother’s death. His mother Betty Smothers was killed in a robbery which happened at the bank. She was an off-duty police officer and the mishap happened during a robbery when the money was being deposited to the bank.

Happy family picture of Warrick Dunn with his siblings

Caption: Eldest son in a family Warrick Dunn with his brothers and sisters

Source: wdcharities.wordpress.com

Being a committed soul, Warrick has clearly mentioned about the hardships he had to go through while raising his five siblings in his autobiography ‘Running for My Life’. He is also the founder of Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. and a philanthropist. No wonder, his net worth is 11 Million USD, isn’t it?

Warrick Dunn’s kids?

This 42-year-old amazing man is not married to anybody yet and he does not hold any records of being in a living-in relationship nor does he have any children of his own. But, looks like right from the age of 18, after his mother’s death, Dunn has been an acting father to all his five siblings and has raised them with great care. This shows his commitment and dedication towards anything and the same discipline reflected when he played football as well.

His salary and net worth?

His Net Worth is estimated to be $11 Million and annual salary of $1.5 million

Warrick Dunn, the former football player now runs his own NGO founded by him and it is called Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. He is also a philanthropist and with the help of other famous sports personalities, Warrick has also founded Athletes for Hope which guides sports persons to enhance their knowledge towards philanthropy. He has also won a lot of awards not only in the areas of sports but also as a philanthropist.

Founder of WDC Warrick Dunn is a charity man

Caption: Warrick Dunn Founder of WDC and Humanity team

Source: wdcharities.wordpress.com

He has been recognized locally and nationally for is amazing philanthropic work which includes, the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2005, the 2010 Heisman Humanitarian Award, the 2011 Jefferson Humanitarian Award for Public Service and many others and with this his net worth still remains 11 Million USD.

Short Bio of Warrick Dunn

Born as Warrick De’Mon Dunn, this former American footballer has been able to make a lot of fame both as a football player and a philanthropist. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; this 42-year-old charming sports personality has not been married yet and he is known for his charity work.

After losing his mother at the age of 18, this young boy had the responsibility of raising his five siblings. Along with this, Dunn has successfully completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida where he also played football.

Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn is a fast runner football playerCaption: Former NFL star Warrick Dunn running with a ball in hand

He is now the founder of Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc and also a founding member of Athletes for Hope. He has also written an autobiography called Running for My Life where he has clearly mentioned about his role as the head of a family and the challenges he had to overcome after he lost his mother Betty.

He also speaks about his personal story of refusal, denial, forgiveness and emotional traumas he had to go through. This man seems to be quite inspiring and we guess, his fans also feel the same about him.

He has earned a lot of awards for his amazing contribution in the field of football. He won the 1997 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and went to three Pro Bowls in 1997, 2000, and 2005.

He is also known for his charity work where he involves himself working with single-parent families helping them to buy homes. He has also written an autobiography ‘Running for My Life”, in 2008

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  1. Warrick Dunn played college football for Florida State University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from FSU – NOT the University of Florida.

  2. Warrick has always been one of my favorite people because of his philanthropy. I was born without legs to a poor family, and because of a group of white philanthropists, I was given a pair of prothesis enabling me to walk. I give back and really admire anyone who helps the poor. Thanks Warrick; you’ll forever be my hero.

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