What is Vinnie DiMartino doing now? Know his Net Worth, wife Melissa DiMartino, wiki-bio.

Vinnie DiMartino , His wife, net worth, wiki-bio.

Vinnie DiMartino was born on the 9th of October, 1972 to parents John and Margaret DiMartino in the Hudson Valley Area, New York, the United States of America. Although their names have never been mentioned, his parents had four children in total, out of which Vinnie was the second eldest. Know more about American Choppers‘ Vinnie DiMartino’s wife, Melissa DiMartino, his net worth and kids in wiki bio.

American Choppers Vinnie DiMartino Married To Wife Melissa DiMartino.

Vincent “Vinnie” DiMartino has been married to his wife Melissa DiMartino for a very long time now. The couple has not given many details regarding their relationship before tying the knot, but they have confirmed on having been in a long and committed relationship for a long time before their wedding; which also took place in date and place not mentioned. Not much has been revealed regarding the home and married life of the couple.

However, since they have successfully kept out of reach from media coverage, it has been taken for granted that both Vinnie and his wife Melissa are leading a very happy and romantic life together, without drawing any unnecessary attention towards themselves from the public. Although the exact birthdates have never been confirmed, Vinnie himself has posted several pictures and kept the public informed of the birth of his four children.

American TV star Vinnie DiMartino his wife Melissa DiMartino

Caption:- Vinnie DiMartino with his wife and children

This routine update is usually done through various types of messages in the form of images and captions uploaded on his personal Instagram account.

Vinnie DiMartino’s Son following his footsteps.

American Choppers’ cast Vinnie DiMartino’s children include his eldest daughter Vanessa DiMartino, his younger son Vincent DiMartino, and his youngest twin girls Isabella and Ava DiMartino.

Despite their not being regular updates on the growth and interests of his children, Vinnie DiMartino has revealed that his son, Vincent, has taken a liking towards his father’s profession of being a motorcycle designer and builder.

According to reports, little Vincent still loves to visit his father while the latter is working in his office, and help Vinnie out in fixing bikes and repairing small parts if a truck. This American Choppers cast loves spending time and going on vacations with his family.

Vinnie DiMartino’s Net Worth, salary, cars, bikes

Enough about Vinnie DiMartino’s Wife, Married life, and Kids. Now let us tell you about this American Choppers’ cast’s Net Worth & Salary.

Vinnie DiMartino from American Choppers boasts a colossal growing total net worth of over $3 million as of the year 2018, most of which is credited to his occupation as a motorcycle builder at his self-funded company V-Force Customs in New York.

Back in the early 2000s, when Vinnie used to work at the Orange County Choppers in New York, he was a part of the American television series American Chopper, which basically revolved around his working environment at the Orange County Choppers.

During that time, although it was never ratified by the main cast, the average salary of someone starring in American Chopper was reported to be around $2000 per week. Salary from American choppers is the main sources of income for Vinnie DiMartino’s Net Worth.

Vinnie DiMartino’s networth cars and bikes

Since the aforementioned fact has not been directly contradicted as of yet, Vinnie is expected to have had a weekly income of the same range during his acting career in the television series, before his ultimate fallout with the directors of the show in 2007.

During his time as a custom motorcycle designer at the V-Force Customs, which is also now known as DiMartino Motorsports Automotive, Vinnie DiMartino was credited to have designed a custom chopper for the Tampa Bay Storm – a professional American football team based in Florida which participated in the Arena Football League.

His average earnings at his motorcycle company have also statistically been proven to not have been below $165,000, which itself contributed greatly to Vinnie’s total net worth. Although Vinnie was mostly focused on doing additional fabrication on normal bikes and theme bikes back in the Orange County Choppers, he has also owned several cars which had once been the trend of that era.

For instance, Vinnie DiMartino from American Choppers boasted the 1978 and 1983 Camaros back in the year before he shifted over to different models of Chevrolet to guide him through the millennia, only steering away for a hand at the latest Cadillac and Trans Am Convertibles for a few years in the middle.

What is Vinnie DiMartino from American Choppers doing now? Where is he?

2018 marks the 6th anniversary of the year since the non-fiction plot of Vinnie DiMartino leaving his previous motorcycle company to join hands with his co-star Cody Connelly to create his own automotive company, came to an end. American Chopper had ended with a final episode on Discovery Channel back in 2010.

However, Vinnie’s story had continued on with the spin-off series American Chopper: Senior vs Junior which continued the plot where the original series left off in 2010. This reality series was finally wrapped up prior to an untimely cancellation request from the Discovery Channel in 2012, thus bringing the entire storyline of Vinnie as a custom motorcycle designer to an end.

American chopper show star Vinnie DiMartino wiki bio.

In the following years, after being unemployed from his television career, he decided to sell off his expensive assets and renovate his original company V-Force Customs by turning it into the DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair in Montgomery City.

Although Vinnie DiMartino is now basically estranged with his close co-stars Cody, Paul, Rick, and Mike Teutul for all intents and purposes, he has given many interviews wherein he revealed that all of them had ended their relationships on happy and positive turns, and continued to keep in touch over phone calls and occasional visits.

As of now, Vinnie DiMartino from American Choppers manages an active Instagram, YouTube and Twitter account where he doesn’t fail to update his fans of even the slightest developments in his career or daily activities. His YouTube channel is inspired by a theme which focuses more on containing uploads of short videos where he answers questions submitted by his fans, speaks about his latest assets, and gives opinions regarding the custom motorcycle designing business.

Some videos on the account are also intended to humor his fans and feature Vinnie playing harmless pranks on his friends and reveling in the mirth after. In his Instagram and Twitter accounts, this American Choppers star emphasizes more on showcasing his daily workpieces and bridges he comes across while repairing his machinery.

Occasional posts about his family and his pet golden retriever are also very common greetings to his fans who follow the given social media accounts. Overall, Vinnie DiMartino has embraced his inner gearhead and created for himself a successful and prosperous career outside his world of television, following the end of American Chopper.


Born Vincent DiMartino

October 9, 1972 (age 45)

Hudson Valley Area, New York, U.S.

Other names Vinnie DiMartino
Occupation Motorcycle designer and builder
Years active 2002-present
Wife Melissa DiMartino
Children 4
Net Worth $3 Million

Vinnie had grown a passion towards customizing machines and repairing automobiles after he began to approach his father at his auto repair shop consistently at the young age of 14. By the time he had become an adult, Vinnie was already a successful mechanic who prospered at rebuilding basically all automobiles he came across and restoring them back to newness at his tiny engine repair shop.

In 2002, he acquired a job at the Orange County Choppers, with the help of an old family friend Paul Teutul Sr. and his son – also Vinnie’s high school friend Paul Teutul Jr. – and began to polish his skills as a motorcycle designer and fabricator. His breakthrough in the television industry began in the late 2003s as The Discovery Channel decided to film the reality show American Chopper in the form of a documentary of the Orange County Choppers, starring him and other Tetul boys as the main character.

So now you know American Choppers cast Vinnie DiMartino’s Net Worth, wife and what he is doing now.

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