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Vince Gill Married to Wife Amy Grant. Check His Net Worth, Age & Daughter. 2022

Amy Grant and Vince Gill sweet couple singer

Vincent Grant Gill commonly known as Vince Gill is one of the finest American country music artists. He is currently married to Amy Grant after divorcing his first wife, Janis Oliver. Amy and Vince both merged their Net Worth to have a common Net Worth as a couple. 60-year-old Vince Gill has two children Jenny Gill from his first marriage and Corrina Gill from his second marriage.

Vince Gill is married to Amy grant after divorce with First wife, Janis Oliver

Vince Gill and Amy Grant met while in a meeting way back in 1993. Their friendship developed from that meeting and kept on growing. Despite both of them being married Vince and Amy’s friendship blossomed into love as their feelings for each other grew stronger with time.

Amy was married to Gary Chapman a Christian musician and TV host while Vince Gill was married to Janis Oliver. In 1997 Vince got the divorce from his wife whom he had one daughter with and had spent more than ten years as a couple.

Amy grant and Vince Gill with ex- husband and wife
Amy Grant with his Ex-wife (Gary Chapman) and Vince Gill with her Ex-husband (Janis Oliver).

Later on, in 1999 Amy also divorced her husband have spent 17 years together and had three children. After separating from their partners Amy and Vince got married in 2000.

Why did Vince Gill have a divorce with his first wife?

Soon after meeting Amy and falling in love with her Vince’s marriage experienced some slight changes which made the marriage to head towards divorce. According to Janice the relationship between Amy and Vince was the main reason for their divorce.

In defense of Vince, he claims that nothing ever happened between Amy and him until after they were both divorced from their partners. If this is true, then both Amy and Vince deserves to be applauded for their loyalty towards their partners and patience towards their love.

Vince Gill Net Worth

Singer and songwriter Vince Gill have an estimated Net Worth $40 Million dollars. Similarly, his wife Amy Grant’s Net worth is estimated to be close to $60 Million.

With a combined net worth of $100M, Amy and Vince Gill can live a luxurious life with their daughter Corina Gill who is the youngest in the family. Both Vince and Amy are singers and songwriters.

Combined Net worth of Vince Gill and Amy Grant is huge
Combined Net worth of Vince Gill and Amy Grant is more than $100M

Other than being Singer, Amy is also an author, actress, and a media personality. The couple has worked together on various shows and music thus contributing towards their success.

Vince musical career began way back in 1979 when he joined a rock band as the lead singer and later went on to focus on producing his songs. Some of the common songs sang by him include: ‘Look at us’ and Go rest on that mountain.

He has also been an award winner of various awards such the Grammy awards. Other than the concerts, his musical albums have been doing very well he is said to have sold more than 26M copies of his albums over the years.

Vince Gill has two beautiful daughters: Jennifer Jerene Gill and Corrina Grant Gill

Before getting married to Amy Grant, Vince was married to first wife Janis Oliver and had a daughter Jennifer Jerene Gill in May 5th 1982.

Jenny Gill as commonly known to her fans followed her parent’s passion for music, and just like Vince and Janis, Jenny is also an artist. Her unique type of music which combines (Americana and country) has made her not only famous but unique as well.

She made her first debut with the album “house session” which made it great to the public once released with songs such as  ‘lonely lost me’ and your shadow. Jenny was married to Josh Van Valkenburg on May 8th, 2010. The two celebrated the birth of their firstborn on August 4th, 2014 making Vince a proud grandfather to Wyatt Gill Van.

Corrina Grant Gill is the other Vince’s daughter with Amy Grant; she was born on March 12th, 2001. Just like her stepsister and parents, she has also made a great improvement on her musical talent. Ever since she was a child, she kept making appearances on the web showcasing her talent.

Vince Gill & His Daughters Singing National Anthem on Nashville.
Vince Gill & His Daughters Singing National Anthem on Nashville.


One of her latest appearances is youtube video with her mother Amy, singing at the Ryman Heirlooms. From the performance, it is clear that she is soon joining the family talent and become a music superstar just like her parents.

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