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Troy Landry’s Boat just got better! Have a look at it.

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Image of Troy Landry with his Boat

Troy Landry is the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Swamp’. This is a nickname derived from his extraordinary ability to catch and tag alligators in the Bayou.

Trapping and fishing are skills he picked up growing up in Louisiana. He learned everything he needed to know working with his father, who was a seafood distributor and fisherman.

Fast forward a few decades, and it is Troy who is looking to pass on his family legacy to his sons, Chase and Jacob Landry. Today, you’ll get the chance to look at Troy Landry’s improved boat!

Troy’s boat got an upgrade for the new season

Landry recently took to Facebook to give fans a look at his recently repainted and remodeled boat. Laboatworx, a company that specializes in custom camo painting and boat restoration, was tasked with working on the boat.

Suffice it to say; they did an admirable job. The first thing you’ll notice in the video is the boat’s beautiful custom grey paint.

Image of Troy Landry Boat

Aside from making the boat aesthetically pleasing, Laboatworx also ensured that Troy and his crew wouldn’t slip or slide along the seat deck once they were out in the water.

Prior to this, Troy and his crew had to contend with the slippery surfaces because of all the chicken grease and alligator blood on board.

Moreover, the boat’s grey coat also means that they’ll be able to avoid the glare from the sun, particularly on hot days. Lastly, Landry’s boat got a brand-new boat winch installed in preparation for the new season.

Troy was especially fond of this new modification and keen to go out on the boat to trap large alligators.

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