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Trish Stratus Married to husband Ron Fisico. Know her Net worth, Height, age, weight, baby

Trish Stratus

Looking at the controversial world of the WWE, what is it that comes to mind? Well for sure, nobody can forget the recognizable faces of the WWE, right? That is precisely when the face of the married Trish Stratus comes to mind. The WWE superstar catapulted her career in wrestling where she spent most of her time. She has succeeded in being known to be one of 15 most successful WWE Wrestlers. Not only has she reaped the fruits in her career, but on the married front too, where she is married to her husband, Ron Fisico, who happened to be her high school sweetheart. Seems like, the diva has it all going for her! Her early retirement surprised many, and so it would be easy to say that married life got the better of her. Let’s take a look at the married life of Trish with her husband and children, and their unrevealed net worth.

Trish Stratus net worth and salary: plus, the net worth of her husband, Ron Fisico

The married diva Trish Stratus is said to have an estimated net worth of $2.5 million according to Forbes. Her staggering net worth is no surprise as she was a  respected wrestler at WWE.She is someone who took her proficient career to a different level along with net worth.She may seem to have a hot figure and gorgeous face, but the happily married star is certainly a career lady with brains to compliment. As a wrestler, she took home $618 000 a year.

Her story began with a grabbing headline on WrestlemaniaX7, since then her aim toward success has become never-ending. She is living a life full of love with her husband, who also has an attractive net worth.

Trish Stratus' net worth is $2.5 Million
Trish Stratus’ net worth is $2.5 Million

Trish Stratus’s husband grew up in Ontario, Canada. He completed his studies in Ontario, the hometown of the married couple. Ron, later on, moved to take up a career as a contractor. After a while, he decided to change his direction of study to become a professional body builder. During his professional career life, Ron Fisico net worth is 2.5 million dollars.

Trish’s husband has however not made his salary a point of easy topic for the media, which is quite interesting to note when his net worth is as high as  $2.5 million.

Trish Stratus and her married life with husband, Ron Fisico. And they have two little kids.

Ron Fisico is married to his school time sweetheart, Trish Stratus. Before they got married, they were involved with each other for a a good couple of years and they finally tied the knot on September 30, 2006.

Wedding photos: Trish Stratus and her husband Ron Fisico
Trish Stratus happily married Ron Fisico in 2006


Despite the fact that his wife has cheated on him many times, her husband seems to be content about it as he focuses on living a happy married life. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t get a chance to go to their honeymoon as Trish was called to be a part of a show, instead of going on her honeymoon she opted to film the show.

Trish reportedly said : “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” .

Trish Stratus happily married her husband Ron Fisico
Trish Stratus with her husband, Ron Fisico

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And this husband and wife have really held onto each other. They have been together for twenty-four years. Even after so many years, the couple is still bonded together  as strong as ever and so is their love for each other. Well, it looks like Trish and Ron are soulmates who are just so perfect for each other.

The married couple have been blessed with a son, Maximus on September 30, 2013. Their daughter , Madison-Patricia Fisico  was born on January 14, 2017.

Ron Fisico short  bio: Wiki!

Ron Fisico he married to Trish Stratus .He is Canadian. His birthday is it clear but  according to a twitter tweet by his wife , Ron’s birthday is celebrated on 29 April.

 Trish Stratus short bio: Wiki!

Born by the name of Patricia Anna Stratigias, she weighs 56 kg and her height is 1.63m.The 41 year old is Canadian just like her husband.

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