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Trevor Noah Net Worth, Salary, House, and cars 2022

Image of Trevor Noah Net Worth, Salary, House, and cars

One of the most influential and political commentators right now is none other than comedian and host of the popular The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. His hilarious impersonations and off-script jokes are the epitomai of the Comedy Central-based Show.

It has been a long journey for Trevor, literally as he came from South Africa to America in pursuit of his career among other issues. So worry not and relax as we get to take you through his progression over the years with his net worth, salary, houses, and cars to show for it all.

Trevor Noah’s Net Worth 

It is safe to say that the comedian’s career has risen tremendously over the past decade. Receiving international recognition from countries all over the globe is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to him. That is why we report that Trevor Noah’s net worth as of 2022 stands at $35 million.

Image of Trevor Noah net worth is $13 million

Trevor Noah net worth is $13 million

The road to achieving this net worth figure is usually one of his most hilarious jokes. As such, most of it comes from his career as a professional comedian. Trevor commands his live audience on the set of The Daily show and gets paid handsomely for it. The host sprouts an annual salary of $4 million from the network.

Other sources include his stand-up comedy acts with his recent Australian tour amongst other many ventures. Screenwriting has also been a strong passion of his and closely related to that are his visionary works as an author.

Noah has two books currently selling like hotcake; Born a Crime and The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library. The latter got based on the current US president’s controversial tweets.

House and cars details in Trevor Noah’s net worth

In the wake of February 2017, the funnyman purchased a penthouse in one of New York’s most beautiful buildings at Hell’s Kitchen for $10 million. The place resembles a five-star hotel suite with a few homey touches to it.

Some of the critical features of the house include three bedrooms, three baths, and two half bathrooms with an excellent view of the Empire State Building. Moreover, it has a wicked outdoor viewpoint that let him see almost the whole of downtown Manhattan.

Some of his fans have begrudged upon his lavish lifestyle with some wondering if he does give back to the community. The answer to this is yes he does. He recently launched a foundation in his name to help out the less fortunate youth. Remember, he also came from poor beginnings with struggles like sleeping in cars.

Speaking of cars, Trevor once owned a Lamborghini and a Porsche which he sold once he moved to New York. Nowadays, he is all about fine living and belongs to a prestigious car club that lets him drive whatever he pleases.  He has an estimated net worth of $35 Million and still rising as the days go by.

His career and rise to fame.

It’s no secret that he is initially from South Africa. While many know him for his comical side, he didn’t always start as a comedian. Instead, he starred in a soap opera called Isidingo at age 18 before hosting his radio show on YFM.

In one of the many interviews Trevor has done, he describes his first time doing stand-up comedy in a bar drinking with his friends through a dare. He found his footing pretty much after there. The career change spiraled his life into an endless loop of opportunities on shows like The Amazing Date, Mad Buddies, Taka Takata, and many more.

Some of his stand-up specials included The Daywalker, Crazy Normal, That’s Racist, It’s my culture and so much more. He even voiced Griot in Marvel’s blockbuster film Black Panther. His current role on Comedy Central began on September 2015 when he replaced Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. It has been great tidings for the talented comedian, and the future doesn’t seem bleak at all.

Image of Trevor Noah height


Name Trevor Noah
Age 38
Date of Birth February 20th, 1984
Place of Birth Johannesburg, South Africa
Profession Stand-up comedian, TV host, Author
Net worth $35 million
Girlfriend Jordyn Taylor
Kids None
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 165 pounds
Star Sign Pisces

Currently, Trevor Noah is 34 years of age. He was born on February 20th, 1984 during the apartheid legislation. His mother, Patricia is South African whereas his father was Swiss-German making him conceived illegally at the time hence his book, Born a Crime. His mother got jailed for this and later remarried to an abusive husband who shot her. Noah tried confronting him about it but only ended up putting his life in danger.  Hence, the origin story of his move to the USA.

As for his love interest, the TV host has dated model and singer Jordyn Tayler for roughly three years. Unlike the rest of his life, he prefers to keep her private.


Like most careers, Trevor Noah’s also had its fair share of controversies. However, with his net worth, and lavish living regarding houses and cars, haters can only hate the countless awards in his name.

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