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Tony Stewart Girlfriend, Fiance, Married, Wife, Net Worth, House 2022

Antony Wayne Stewart fondly referred to as Tony Stewart is a former American racer. The professional stock car racer was born on 20th May 1971. The 47-year-old former racer is currently the team owner of NASCAR, a car racing organization in the United States of America. As a driver, Tony won many acclaimed awards and races. He was into racing since 1997 up to 2016 when he retired having built a name in the racing competition. Let’s find out more about his Fiance Pennelope. Also, Tony Stewart’s Net Worth and  House.

Tony Stewart engaged to a longtime girlfriend, Now Fiance Pennelope Jimenez. Any chances of getting married? Is Tony Stewart’s girlfriend going to be his wife anytime soon?

Tony Stewart has been dating his longtime for quite some time now. The self-proclaimed racer had been noted once saying that he will never get married. However, as the saying goes nobody knows tomorrow it is most likely the racer, and the owner of NASCAR has found his rib at long last. The former racer is currently engaged to Fiance Pennelope Jimenez. Tony Stewart and Pennelope had been dating for quite some time before getting engaged.

The couple met way back in 2016 and have been dating until recently in 2017 when they got engaged. Tony in his twitter handle announces the good news to his fans which drew mixed reactions. Tony, 47 will, therefore, be walking the aisle soon. Tony Stewart’s then-girlfriend, now fiance will also officially be a wife soon.

Tony Stewart and his longtime girlfriend Pennelope Jimenez
Tony Stewart and his longtime girlfriend Pennelope Jimenez

However, they have not disclosed the exact date that the wedding will take place but it shall be going down soon. Well, for people who thought that indeed Tony would never get married, they have seen it for themselves. Tony has put a ring on the finger of Jimenez, and the big thing went down during the last Thanksgiving ceremony.

Net worth, house, cars.

Tony Stewart has achieved a big success in his career. Before quitting racing, Tony has achieved tremendous success and had made a lot of money. The former professional racer now runs a racing company NASCAR which is also giving him huge returns.

The net worth of Tony, therefore, has been approximated to be over $12 million dollars. This is according to the Forbes magazine. The net worth, however, is subject to be higher than this given that he has not disclosed all his wealth.

The main sources of his income were through his racing career and the subsequent formation of NASCAR which has earned him a fortune. The former racer won many trophies during his hay days.

Tony Stewart owns a big mansion in Indiana Polis. The house which sits on 414-acre land is one of its kind and has six bedrooms and seven full bathrooms.

Apart from his big mansion, Tony also owns a fleet of cars and still has a rare collection of his racing machines. The racer also owns another big mansion in Columbus.

Profession and career

Tony is a professional career having first been introduced into racing in 1987. He has been in the racing industry for over 30 years now. tony became the first driver to win the USAC’s version of the Tripple Crown becoming the champion. Between 1996 to 1999, he took part in over 20 races and did exemplary well.

Anthony Wayne Steward celebrating his victory by opening champagne bottle.
Anthony Wayne Stewart celebrating his victory

The year 2000 saw Tony continue doing well in his racing career. He won many coveted trophies. Between 2000 to 2010, he was often found racing and winning many races that came with huge and expensive trophies.

In all the 30 years that Tony was racing, he was recognized as the king behind the wheel. However, his winnings have not been a walk in the park; Tony has had multiple accidents which have caused him bodily harm but recovered.

Short Biography of his girlfriend Pennelope Jimenez.

Tony Stewart Girlfriend and fiance Pennelope Jimenez

Tony Stewart’s Fiance Pennelope Jimenez was born on 26th July 1978. She is 39 years old. The girlfriend of the former racer was born in San Diego, California United States of America.

She is an actress and has appeared in many notable films including The Scorpion King in 2002. She is also a former model. Her parents are of Mexican origin. She holds American nationality, and she is of the white ethnicity.

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