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Tony Horton Wife, Married, Gay, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age.

Tony Horton

Tony Horton is an American fitness instructor who has inspired many people through his books as well as changed life’s through fitness training. He is currently married to Shwana Brannon who is also a fitness expert. Unlike most people, Tony started off as a homosexual before turning his life around to be a heterosexual and marry his current wife. The couple is happily married and Tony says that despite being happy back then he is now happier. Also, check his net worth.

Tony Horton is Married to a wife, Shawna Brannon.

Shawna Brannon is Tony’s current wife, the two met sometimes after Tony decided to quit being a homosexual. Shawna just like her husband is a fitness expert. The two have been on various dates together sharing their happy moments.

On one of their dates, the couple met Steve Wonder and took a photo with him. Steve Wonder being one of the legends, Tony was excited at the opportunity of meeting him he went on to Facebook to express his excitement to his followers. Tony claims that he has never been happier ever before.

Beautiful Couple: Tony Horton and his wife Shawna Brannon

Tony Horton with his wife Shawna Brannon

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Tony Horton was Gay before getting married to wife Shawna.

Earlier on before being a convicted Christian, Tony Horton practiced homosexuality. He explains that he was a proud homosexual who had lots of fun during those days.

“I was the typical homosexual, I had a few relationships and many sexual encounters, I was a barfly, I got mad if anyone said my way of life was wrong”.

He goes ahead to explain that he made a turn when he heard the truth and turned a new leaf of his life. According to Tony, his desire to have eternal life in heaven convicted him to change his life before facing the wrath that is set aside for the unrighteous. After his conviction, Tony met Shawna Brannon his current wife who he is happily married to. Despite being happy back then Tony says he is happier now and his current life is his testimony.

Net worth and Source of income

Net Worth: $20 Million

Tony Horton's net worth is $20 Million

Tony Horton’s net worth is $20 Million

As an author and a fitness instructor, Tony has amassed a net worth close to $20 M. He is a famous fitness guru known for his creation P90X series. He is a passionate fitness expert who found interest during his college years where he took weight lifting classes. After completing his college education, he moved Los Angeles, his first gig included being an actor as well as a stand-up comedian. He never abandoned his fitness sessions and kept working out at World Gym in Vernice California.

His trainer Mark Sisson after observing his training sessions introduced him to internal training. This was a great step in Tony’s life, he soon began his own business in Santa Monica CA. His business thrived and attracted famous clients such as Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, and Sean Connery. His business became a great success and motivated him to focus on it full time. In 2001 he built an in-home program power 90 (P90), later in 2004, he upgraded the system to Power 90 Extream (P90X).

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The program was a great success as it sales kept moving up with time, by the end of 2010 more than 40 million copies were sold earning Tony an interesting amount of revenue. Later in 2011 he upgraded the program to P90X2 and went ahead to P90X3 in 2013. His continuous upgrade to the program made him a lot more famous in the fitness field.

Other than fitness training, Tony Horton is also a motivational speaker. He uses his fitness knowledge to impact change to the society through encouraging individuals to focus on their health and fitness status. As a motivational speaker, he has released various books on fitness his latest book is “The big picture: 11 laws that will change your life”. In the book, he indicates how a person’s physical health is linked to his mental, financial and family health and also its impact on overall happiness and contentment.

Wiki Bio

Name Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr.
Birthday (age) July 2nd, 1958
Birthplace Westerly Rhode Island
Occupation Fitness instructor, Motivational Speaker, and Author
Wife Shawna Brannon
Parents Anthony Sawyer Horton Sr. and Jean Horton
Height 5’11ft
Known for Creating P90X

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