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October Gonzalez Wiki, Ethnicity and Love life

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Image of October Gonzalez Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality, Family of Tony Gonzalez’s Wife

October Calinda Vegas-Russell, popularly known as October Gonzalez, got her name after marrying her husband, Tony Gonzalez, in July 2007. Together the couple has two children. October was born on October 10, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

She is a public icon and a renowned TV show host. Mainly she shot to fame by hosting Beat Shazam, which was aired on FOX. October also co-hosted Rachael Ray severally between 2014 through 2016.

Previously, she was featured in the episode of E! True Hollywood show about footballers’ wives. After marrying former NFL player Tony Gonzalez, she inherited his name and begot two children with him.

October Gonzalez career info, profession, and net worth

October is of mixed ethnicity, and she has both Mexican and American roots. Her mother is of Mexican descent, while her father is an American.

Therefore, her hybrid status is evident in her physical appearance because she is an absolute stunner. She has a baby face that looks very young despite her advanced age.

October’s father, Pat Vegas, was a musician, and he belonged to the Redbone in the 1970s. He was a pianist while her grandmother was a singer.

She and her siblings received a music lesson when they were growing up from their grandparents and their father.

October was often accompanied by her sister Sarah to diverse charity events where they demonstrated their singing skills. Furthermore, they also participated in singing at school.

Image of October Gonzalez father Pat Vegas
October Gonzalez father, Pat Vegas

Due to a strict upbringing by parents who were addicted to drugs, they relocated to Florida and lived with their uncle and aunt. After completing her elementary school, October was admitted to West Brook Senior High School.

After graduation, Tony October Gonzalez’s wife enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin. After graduating, she started bartending and doing cosmetology. She was licensed for them until 2012. October met her husband when still working as a bartender in Newport Beach, California, in 2002.

Afterward, she made her TV debut in 2009 when featured in a documentary dubbed series “E! True Hollywood Story.” She then took a break from the screen until 2014, when she made a comeback. She started co-hosting a TV series called The View, and she was also featured in Rachael Ray, not to mention Entertainment Tonight.

Later in 2016, October appeared in FabLife, and in 2017 she got a role to play in Beat Shazam, Home & Family, Daily Pop, and Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World.

Family life and Parents

October has siblings, and they were brought up together in Los Angeles. She has one brother and three sisters. They had a rough upbringing that they could not tolerate. Consequently, they sought refuge from their uncle in Florida: where they remained and schooled from.

It was caused by the drug addicting of their parents. Drug addiction causes irresponsibility, which is quite unconducive for the youngsters. Her parents have been aforementioned in the previous paragraph.

Married life and Kids

October is married to Tony Gonzalez, and together they have two kids, River and Malia. Tony also has a son from a past relationship called Nikko. Before the duo came together, October was dating another man.

Image of October Gonzalez with her husband Tony Gonzalez
October Gonzalez with her husband, Tony Gonzalez

Therefore, she first declined his advances and gave him the cold shoulder. After some time, Tony tried her for the second time, and fortunately, she had broken up with her former boyfriend. Therefore, she gave in to his demands due to her vacant status, and they clicked.

They started dating and started a relationship that lasted for over four years. On July 20, 2007, they decided to commit themselves to each other fully, and they got married in California.


October Gonzalez wiki, bio, age, nationality, ethnicity

Tony Gonzalez’s wife, October Gonzalez, is a blessed lady, and her commitment has not gone unrewarded. She is one of the most successful ladies in the entertainment industry.

Despite her poor background and the low profile jobs she took before trying out her career on TV, she is somewhere now.

She is also married to a rich husband whose net worth is $20 million. October is nicknamed Tobie, and she is currently 37 years old. Her birthday is on October 10 every year, and she stands at 5 feet and 4 inches.

Her mother-in-law is called Judy Gonzalez, and his brother in law is Chris Gonzalez.

Image of October Gonzalez height is 5 feet 4 inches
October Gonzalez’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.

She met Tony when working as a bartender in a bar owned by Tony’s athlete counterpart Dennis Rodman. Her new TV career has transformed her and uplifted her social and economic status.

She is now an honorable lady by being married to a distinguished man; she is a family woman and has an admirable job and career. To recap, you should expect her star to continue shining with time as she ascends the celebrity ladder. Perhaps she will become a Hollywood sensation.

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