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Tomica Wright net worth: How rich is Rap Legend Eric Wright’s Widow? Her House, cars. 2022

Tomica Wright

Tomica Wright is the widow of rap legend Eric Wright, known as Eazy-E. After her husband died in 1995, she inherited the Ruthless Records Company and now is the owner and CEO of it. The company was one of the most successful raps and hip-hop history labels. Here today, we are about to reveal Tomica Wright’s Net Worth.

Tomica Wright had to challenge keeping the company label on top. She had to convince artists and industry executives that she possessed the necessary business skills for doing this job at a high level.

Tomica Wright Net Worth in 2022

Tomica Wright Net Worth is estimated to be $15 million at the time of Eric Wright’s death. But this was 22 years ago so that the figures might be a lot different now. In such changing industry it’s essential to keep up, that’s why within two years of running Ruthless Records she expanded the label’s artist roster and introduced new talent. Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, M.C Ren and Eazy-E were with this label. With this new vision, Ruthless was a success. l.

Since then other artists like Bone, Above The Law, Jimmie Z., Yamo $ Maulkie, Kid Frost, D.O.C, Thugs’n’ harmony, J.J. Fad, Black Eyed Peas, Michel’le and more, was associated with Ruthless Records.

Net worth of Tomica Wright is around $15 Million

Net worth of Tomica Wright is around $15 Million

So, after all, Tomica has proofed to be a great businesswoman, and she manages to success the Ruthless Records Company, which should add more on Tomica Wright Net Worth in coming days.

Sources of income for her Net Worth

By far the primary source of Tomica’s income is the Ruthless Records Company, but she also started her career as a film producer, so she is increasing her earnings from this too.

Her Cars and house

There is information that in 2005 Tomica purchased a $3,099,000 home in Calabasas, but in 2011 she stopped making mortgage payments and was foreclosed in 2012. Why? Maybe she didn’t need that house, perhaps because she has another home. Afterall she is a woman who has $15 million net worth.

Since she inherited all Eric’s propriety, we assume that she also owned another home in Calabasas purchased by Eazy-E in 1991, but only nine months after his deal was foreclosed.

According to the records, Eazy-E and Tomica also owned a modest 3 Bedroom Norwalk home purchased in 1988. Her residence in 2015 apparently was a three bedroom West Hills home purchased in 2000. We don’t know for sure if she still lives there.

There is no information about the cars that Tomica owns.

Her Rich lifestyle

Even if she has millions of dollars in her net worth, her life doesn’t seem to be so sumptuous. She is always well dressed in public appearance and careful with her look.

Tomica Wright on Red Carpet

Tomica Wright on Red Carpet

Her Journey to success

She went to high school in San Fernando Valley and then attends Santa Monica and West L.A Community College. After graduating she was hired at TabuRecods, founded by Clarence Avant, as a secretary.

She viewed Avant as a mentor and learned a lot from him about music industry and business

Tomica had a child at an early age. Before meeting Eric, she worked as a single motherTabu Records’ experience helped her gain the necessary business knowledge to run the Ruthless Records to success.

Short bio.

Tomica Woods-Wright was born on December 7, 1969, in Los Angeles, California and she attended Santa Monica and West L.A Community college. Since she was 17, she dreamed of becoming a film producer, and her dream came true. She was married to Eazy-E, and she has two children Dominick Wright and Daijah Wright.

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  1. Hey tomika this is Eric I live in Augusta Georgia I was reborn in my mother’s wound twice new testament act’s I believe I been making it fair I’m 53 now I miss the good day’s I got most of my memory back I miss our kids twenty years of my life been he’ll assaulted by black folks smh hardly no support I’m trying to reach out I’m purchasing a truck or car to get my retirement check from the United States air force academy wish me luck they already sent me my history reports facts love easy e.

  2. Sad to say she is not a successful business woman. She ran Ruthless Records to the ground, her success as a film producer is only do to Cube and Dre participation with the film. None of Eric Wrights former Artist has nothing positive to say about her. She tried to sleep with Bizzy Bone, as ” He stated.” Now she suing Eazy E soon cause she slept on filing the Ruthless Records trademark now she cryin aligator tears and lyin like a typical hood rat tryin to get her way. So why this phony website lie and said she ran Ruthless to success. The only atrists left was Bone and Ren which were acts Eazy sign. The artists she signed never came out. I think one corny dude she attempted to put out with no promo but didn’t sell. After Ren and Bone left the companies light was turned off. She sits there and plot on what she can do next to earn money off Eric Wright name. She has done nothing for his legacy or passing it down to his kids that was there long before her. They should have all got together and sued her for the rights to his estate since she mishandled it anyway.

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