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Todd Chrisley’s Siblings: Derrick Chrisley & Randy Chrisley. 2022

Todd Chrisley's Siblings: Derrick Chrisley & Randy Chrisley.

The Chrisley family was a big deal when it came to real estate. They gained even more popularity when the USA network decided on making a reality TV show based on the family called Chrisley Knows Best. This was all possible through one man, Todd Chrisley. Known for getting things done by barking up commands, the reality star exhibits fierce parenting skills. We’re here to make you feel part of the family by letting you in on Todd Chrisley’s two brothers Derrick and Randy Chrisley

Todd Chrisley’s brother Derrick Chrisley

While the Media’s camera is always focused on the big brother running the show, we thought it wise to highlight some honorary mentions who share blood ties with the TV Star. To start off the sibling count is, or rather, was his brother Derrick Chrisley.

We say was, because you won’t see him in any tabloids getting awarded for some achievements or hitting the news because of some scandal. Moreover, it’s not because he was once a celebrity, but now he is washed up. We say was because he is no longer with us and is probably dancing with the angels right now.

Derick Chrisley was born to Faye and Gene Chrisley on June 29th, 1987. He succumbed to death four months later on October 23rd, 1971 when he hadn’t even sprouted his first set of teeth. If you take a closer look at Derrick’s date of birth, you will notice that it comes further than Todd’s. This means he was his younger brother.

The eldest was born on April 6th, 1969 making him currently 53 years old. This means he would have been 18 years younger than Todd Chrisley if he were alive. The youngest of the Chrisley’s is was born into the Zodiac sign, Cancer.

No one knows for sure what killed Todd Chrisley’s brother since the family never likes talking about him. Several articles also brush on the idea but never about the cause of death. The same can be said about their father, Gene. His obituary doesn’t state the cause of death either.

Everything about Todd Chrisley’s brother Randy Chrisley:

Venturing into the life of the lead character’s other brother Randy Chrisley is like stepping inside a gang with no backup. His life is a complete roller coaster with twists, turns as well as betrayals. Quite some bad things have happened to Randy over the years. We’ll start from the beginning.

Todd Chrisley's brother Randy Chrisley

Caption:- Todd Chrisley’s brother Randy Chrisley

Randy Chrisley is the second born to Faye and the late Gene Chrisley. He is like the black sheep of the family since he stays away from the media at all costs. As such, his date of birth and early education is also unknown. However, an educated guess would be that he went to some school in Westminster, S.C.

The low-key celebrity met a girl named Pamela and fell in love with her. In August of 2012, the duo exchanged their vows and got married. We all know the vow,’ for better or for worse. This marriage exhibited more of the worse.

The woes started when her husband allegedly cheated on her. She went on a rant on Facebook to expose him-something which didn’t go well with the rest of his family.

Randy Chrisley with his wife Pamela Chrisley

She wrote,

“Let me just say, if you’re stupid enough to date a married man and post it on Facebook…see you both in court for my adultery divorce proceedings!!”

The celebrity’s mother and brother backed him up and also made some accusations of their own against her. They claimed that she had been soliciting money from them in the form of blackmail to keep her mouth shut about the secrets involving the family. He even went too far and uploaded her mug shot when she got arrested for attempted extortion.

In her defense, she denied the claims and admitted that blasting her all over Instagram and social media was all in a bid to increase the show’s ratings. She acknowledged that things weren’t going on well for Todd and his family especially after he was writhing in debt.

Away from all the drama and soap opera script of life, Todd Chrisley was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. The terminal illness had reached Stage 4 when he first went for testing. His wife Pamela stood by him as he fought through, undergoing several chemotherapy treatments. All in all, it proved successful when he fully recovered from cancer.


The Chrisley brothers, Todd and Randy, have always been in the headlines with their families serving up drama. They have mostly shown a united front when it comes to protecting their family and loved ones. Were Derrick Chrisley been alive, he probably would also back his family up, who knows? May his soul rest in peace.

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