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Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2018, House, Cars, Lifestyle

Todd Chrisley's Net Worth 2018, House, Cars and Lifestyle

Money makes the world goes round. The rich strive to earn more while the poor strive to elevate their state. For the case of Todd Chrisley, as seen USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best, it is a little bit of both. So how can you be poor and rich at the same time you ask? Find out more about that including Todd Chrisley’s net worth, rich lifestyle with exclusive highlights on his houses and cars.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth is $5 Million as of 2018.

To fully describe the Chrisley Knows Best star’s net worth, you have to understand a few things including a rich backstory – no pun intended. To simply put things, Mr. Chrisley is a businessman – a feared one to be precise. Not in the mafia and drug dealing sort of way but in a competitive undertaking sort of way. He mostly handles work in real estate.

We all know the value of land always appreciates. However, there are cases when the real estate business staggers tremendously. It can get so bad that it’s no longer profit marginalization but incurring of losses. Such a scenario occurred with our reality TV star making him lose over $49 million.

As such, Todd Chrisley’s net worth as of 2018 is $5 million. The negative part of it all comes from the state of bankruptcy he filed when he incurred the losses.

American reality star Todd Chrisley's net worth

Most of his fortune comes from his time in the real estate business where he even founded and managed his own company in 2004. It goes under the title Chrisley Asset Management as registered under the US-based Federal National Mortgage Association.

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Other sources come from the revenue he gets from his contract with the show “Chrisley Knows Best”. Its pilot episode harvested millions of viewers across the globe. With much success, it has gone to produce six seasons with more contracts set to air more seasons.

House and cars in Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth.

When you tune on to the show, you will notice that the reality TV star has a huge family. To be precise, he has five kids and a few grandkids. Some of his kids are all grown up married and don’t live with him while some still have to live under his roof.

Just to comment on the roof, it’s quite massive. The show began in airing in 2014 in their huge mansion based in Roswell, GA. Just in case you want to take a stroll into the neighborhood, the home address of the place is 5000, Heatherwood Court, Roswell GA.

Todd Chrisley's House and Cars

Looking at the place, Todd Chrisley’s house stands at square feet with a swimming pool in the backyard. Its fancy and at the same time cozy enough to accommodate everyone. With nine impressive bedrooms, her daughter could have a sleepover and accommodate her whole class! The place has not just one but two fancy living rooms, a study, wine cellar and an exercise room that looks much like a home gym.

The bankrupt millionaire has some car brands to his name. For someone with a negative net worth, Todd Chrisley sure does ride in some expensive Net Worth. He hasn’t come out clean with the exact brand he drives, but through some digging around in his Instagram and social media, we managed to find some. He owns a fleet of Mercedes Benz, Audi, and a Range Rover.

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Since we are discussing cars, it’s worth mentioning that his daughter Savannah got involved in a road accident early last year. Savannah was driving through a rainstorm when she struck a guardrail and suffered major bruises and a broken neck.


For someone who owes people and the government millions in the form of tax, he doesn’t live like the type. For starters, he lives in a $2 million mansion and drives the most expensive cars money can buy. As for his outfit, the reality star is always in neat and sharp suits. In an interview, he let us in that he spends over $300K just on his fashion sense.

Todd Chrisley with his Family

Caption:- Todd Chrisley with his Family

Always fine dining and vacationing on expensive hotels may make you wonder where he gets all the money to do all that. The IRS really ought to investigate him fully in details and find out his sources of income.

An honorable mention would be to state that in as much as Todd Chrisley is bankrupt, his wife Julie doesn’t share the burden. Her fortune isn’t affected at all by her husband’s net worth discrepancies.

Career That Gave Todd Chrisley $5 Million Net Worth.

The lavish-living reality star is the real definition of obtaining success without having to read much for it. He doesn’t have any college degree or any certification from any institution of higher learning but has managed to build an impressive career.

As you may already know, Todd Chrisley was married once to his first wife Teresa and even then he was rich. He made the executive decision to pump money into real estate as a form of investment, and it turned out greater than he expected.

Todd Chrisley's Ex-wife Teresa and Kids

Caption:- Todd Chrisley with Ex-wife Teresa and Kids

Chrisley Knows Better’s Todd Chrisley success is essentially what attracted the USA network to collaborate with him and turn him into a star. Nevertheless, he also has an acting career attached to his resume. Chrisley has appeared in films such as Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens and his spin-off talk show called According to Chrisley.

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Awards and Nominations

With all the intermingling storylines it is no surprise that Todd Chrisley and his family should win a few awards and get nominated for more. In 2017, the series won the award for Best DocuSoap as orchestrated by the National Association of Television Programming Executives(NATPE)

Moreover, the series got nominated for Best Unstructured Reality Series after Chrisley scooped the Reality King crown. Away from acting, he also has a thing for country music and was nominated at the ACM nominations as a performer.

Bio and Summary

Name Todd Chrisley
Age 49
Date of Birth April 6th, 1969
Place of Birth Georgia
Profession TV personality, real estate businessman
Net worth $5 million
Marital Status Married to Julie Chrisley
Kids 5
Height 5′ 9”

Michael Todd Chrisley seems to be living a life no one expects him to be living. Especially when Chrisley has debts infringing on his net worth. So here’s a great idea, Todd, why not sell off one of your houses, cars and a whole bunch of assets and turn that negative into something positive – Literally!

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