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Tim Wonnacott Net Worth, Wife, New Show, Age, Wiki 2022

Tim Wonnacott is an English television host, a chartered auctioneer, surveyor, and antique expert, most famously known for his roles as an auction expert or presenter in popular British television shows like Antique Roadshow and Bargain Hunt.

Let’s find out Tim Wonnacott’s Net Worth in 2022. His Married life with his wife Helen Wonnacott and their kids and New show.

Tim Wonnacott’s career as a tv presenter, Auctioneer, and antique expert

Tim Wonnacott had begun his career in the television industry of England back in 1979 when he starred in the 1979 reality television series Antiques Roadshow as himself. Being an expert at auctioning, Tim had been part of a team comprising of fellow experts who were tasked with deriving the value of treasures brought in by the public at auction houses all around the United Kingdom.

His reputation as a TV presenter and antique expert had been thoroughly increased after his critically acclaimed role in Antiques Roadshow. After a few years, in 1997, Tim had left Antiques Roadshow to take part in other television series like the Great Antiques Hunt and Light Lunch 1997.

Tim also starred as an antique expert in a few episodes of The Antiques Show, which broadcasted from 1997 to 1999. It was then revealed in 2003 that Tim Wonnacott had replaced David Dickinson to become the narrator and host of Bargain Hunt. This role significantly affected his popularity and appeals towards his growing fanbase.

He then showcased his skills as an auctioneer in independent episodes of several documentaries and tv series before he finally presented and narrated the actual game show Antiques Road Trip in 2012. While simultaneously starring in similar non-fiction shows, Tim also entered as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, a British dance competition airing on its twelfth season back in 2014.

He went as far as the fourth week with a dancer named Natalie Lowe as his partner before they both got eliminated from the contest.

His journey and departure in a famous TV show “Bargain Hunt.”

Tim Wonnacott had signed in as the host and presented for Bargain Hunt back in 2003, successfully replacing the previous host David Dickinson. Bargain Hunt had begun airing on BBC One in 2000 with David as the host for four years and revolved around the actions of two pairs of contestants whose tasks were to buy antiquities and sell them at higher prices in auctions.

Although his contract declared that he was only meant to host the show for a few independent episodes, Tim’s attitude and appealing personality clicked exceptionally well with the show’s viewers, who quickly grew very attached to his stage persona.

Tim was finally compelled to re-issue his 30-episode contract, and he eventually presented over 350 shows for Bargain Hunt from 2003 to 2016.

Despite no prior announcements, reports surfaced in the last quarter of 2015 that Tim would not come back to present the next season of Bargain Hunt. He allegedly had a massive disagreement regarding personal reasons with the producers, which resulted in him backing out as a host from the show.

This announcement had profoundly affected his fans, who had immediately begun to show their disapproval against BBC’s decision to let Tim quit the show. The disheartened fans even initiated a petition on to appeal to the management to bring Tim back, but it had not worked out as intended.


What is Tim Wonnacott doing now? His New Show.

After he departed from Bargain Hunt, the only active television show narrated by Tim Wonnacott remained the Antiques Road Trip series, ongoing on BBC Two ever since 2010. However, it was shifted to a BBC One slot later in 2013. Antiques Road Trip is divided into two different segments – one version revolves around two antique experts going around the United Kingdom and buying antiquities from shops out of a budget of £200 and attempting to sell them at auctions with a high-profit margin.

The other version of the Celebrity Antiques Road Trip follows the same concept but includes two different celebrities at the party. The primary objective of the “Antiques Road Trip” is to sell their purchased items at the highest price at the end of each episode.

After a whole working week or five days, the resulting profits (or in some instances, losses) are rolled over and calculated to find out who has the most money left with them.

When that amount is subtracted from the original principal, the road trip winner is determined. Tim has been hosting this game show for a very long time now, considering he had also presented a lot of episodes in a related show named Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is around the year 2008.

Continue reading to find out Tim Wonnacott’s Married life and wife.

Tim Wonnacott marriage.

Tim Wonnacott with his wife, Helen

British auctioneer Tim Wonnacott has been married to Helen Wonnacott since the late 1984. The couple has since spent their time together in Suffolk, sheltered by a healthy relationship away from negative media attention. Tim Wonnacott and his wife Mary still live together with their three children together – an approximately 35-year-old son named Ben Wonnacott, a 31-year-old daughter named Alice Wonnacott, and their youngest son named Fred Wonnacott who born to the couple back in 1991.

Not much is known about the career of the children. They have chosen a field that does not invite attention from the media. Helen, however, was born in 1956 as Helen Mary Mackay to Polish parents Donald and Jean Mackay.

Although it is a known fact that the couple had been dating for a long while before they decided to tie the knot, how or when the couple exactly met and got together has not been detailed by either of them. Nevertheless, rumors of them coming across each other while Tim was filming for one of his shows have not yet been directly denied either.

How old is Tim Wonnacott?

This British Auctioneer was born in Barnstaple in North Devon, England, on the 6th of May, 1953, to parents Raymond and Pamela Wonnacott. Tim Wonnacott is 69 years old as of 2022.

Tim Wonnacott’s Net Worth will be $2 Million in 2022.

His father, Major Raymond, was a famous auctioneer in South West England. It was partly due to awe towards his father’s profession that Tim decided to pursue a future in the auctioneering career. He received his primary education at West Buckland School in Devon and succeeded to qualify as a chartered auctioneer and surveyor.

He then proceeded to complete his post-graduation course in decorative and fine arts at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. A few years hence, Tim collaborated with Sotheby’s, Britain’s famous auctioneering and specialty retail industry back in 1978 and was promoted to a Director later in 1985.

Dum was also named “Sotheby’s Finest Auctioneer” during his time at the Daily Telegraph. After working for 25 years at Sotheby’s, Tim left the company in 2003 and immediately participated in what later became the world’s largest public auction in arts outside the Manchester Town Hall in 2004.

He then began his own brokerage company named “Tim Wonnacott & Associates” where he dealt with fine arts and business advice with either antiquity buyers or sellers. The total net worth of Tim Wonnacott is $2 Million, which includes his assets in the television hosting world as well as his world as an antique expert. Aim still holds the title of a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, headquartered in London.

To sum it up, Tim Wonnacott’s Net Worth is an outcome of his highly successful career as an auctioneer and tv personality.


Tim Wonnacott

Although there is a lot of information about Tim Wonnacott’s life about his career as an auctioneer, there are many tiny details about this man which doesn’t catch a viewer’s eye but are equally essential in making up what makes Tim himself.

For instance, Tim had once highlighted the fact that he had earned a degree at the Brixham School of Performing Arts and is now a professional tap dancer – a fact he wants to prove by dancing with his wife Helen on their 30th wedding anniversary. Tim had also once revealed that he had never had a spray tan done before his performance on Strictly Come Dancing and was honestly quite appalled when he was sprayed on with a fake tan by a girl while he was getting ready for his show.

Born Timothy Wonnacott

6 May 1951 (age 70)

Barnstaple, Devon, England

Alma mater West Buckland School, Devon
Occupation Television host, Chartered Auctioneer, Chartered surveyor, Antique expert
Years active 1979–present
Wife Helen Mary Wonnacott (m. 1984)
Net Worth $2 Million.

Tim has had a complicated history with Sotheby; one of the oldest auction houses in the world. He had begun his journey with the company as a partner in 1978 but was promoted to a full Director in 1985, and he was appointed as the only chairman of a branch of Sotheby. Sotheby’s South, which was based in Sussex.

He was also once responsible for managing Sotheby’s saleroom in Olympia in London before he eventually left the industry to pursue on his social and solo career. He was once awarded the prestigious felicitation of the “Key to the City of Plymouth” and is also an active member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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