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Thijs Lauer: Biography of Journalist Matt Lauer’s Son 2022

Thijs Lauer, son of Matt Lauer

Let’s talk about Thijs Lauer, the son of Matt Lauer, the American television journalist, popular as the host of NBC’s The Today Show and Annette Roque, his loving wife who is a model by her profession.

At a very young age, Thijs has been the center of the attraction of media and public people only because of his father. This young lad has a strong bond with his father Matt, mother and his siblings. Without any delay, let’s dig deeper into his personal life. Check out What Thijs Lauer does, his age and other info.

Youngest in the family with a Unique name.

Thijs is the youngest child of their parents and has two siblings, a brother, and sister named Jack anatomy. He is more in the highlights than his siblings may be because of his unique name about which we’ll tell you shortly.

He was born on 28th of November 2006. His name might sound little unfamiliar and hard to pronounce but is a wonderful name and no need to mention a unique one. Pronounced to rhyme with “nice,” Thijs Lauer is a popular Dutch name short for Matthijs, the Dutch form of Matthew.

Thijs Lauer seems happy with his siblings and father(Right)

Caption: Thijs Lauer with his siblings, a brother named Jack Matthew Lauer and sister named Romy Lauer

Naming his son Thijs, Matt Lauer has avoided the too trivial “Jr,” especially because his first son Jack is also named Matthew and there wasn’t room for another Matthew in their home. In this way, he also left to his son the inheritance of the Dutch origins of his mom.

Thijs is a young boy and soon be stepping into the adolescent age. Being the youngest is the luckiest in the family and gets a lot of love and care of his parents and from his siblings as well. He is good at his studies and loves to play football. He is s very cleverly and smart and Matt Lauer is hoping that one day he would be one of the successful journalists.

Check out some cool pictures of Thijs Lauer.

Caption: Thijs Lauer(yellow t-shirt) with his sister (pink dress), Mother and older brother.

Look at these lovely pictures of father and son having a good time. Some pictures are bit older taken when both of them were much younger than today.

Matt Lauer holding his son Thijs Lauer

Thijs Lauer with his father talking morning walk.

Thijs Lauer riding on the shoulder of his father.

About his parents

Thijs Lauer is the son of famous Matt Lauer and Annette Roque. About Matt Lauer is nothing more to say as we all know him being a famous journalist in America as the co-host of NBC’s nationally syndicated program “The Today Show.” His mother Annette is a former Dutch model. His parents got married in 1998.

Thijs Lauer's father Matt Lauer and mother Annette Roque

Matt Lauer married Annette Roque in 1998, parents of Thijs Lauer

Source: Heavy

Thijs’s father Matt was initially married to TV producer Nancy Alspaugh in the year 1981. After several great years together, they got divorced in 1988. Moving on from this relationship he fell in love with Annette Roque, a successful Dutch model of her time.

After spending some quality time together, they realized that is time to move forward, and they got married in 1998.  They were blessed with three children, two sons, and a beautiful daughter. The oldest child is Jack Matthew, second is Romy, and third is Thijs.

Together for better and worse

Together for better and worse, are the words defining marriage. Matt and Annette have spent almost 20 years together as a husband and wife, and they experienced the “worse” moments too, despite the wonderful times. Their marriage was about to fall apart and according to some media, Annette field a case for divorce in 2006 saying his husband was too busy in his profession and was unable to give time to his children.

Some rumors said even that Matt was cruel and inhuman to his wife and also exhibited aggressive behavior towards her. However, the divorce papers were ultimately withdrawn three weeks after they were filed. The couple reconciled later, considering that their relationship can be maintained well if they gave it a second chance. It looks like they were right because now the bond between them is stronger than ever.

After all this, Matt stated that it was difficult for him to maintain balance in work and family but he is trying his best to give enough and quality time with his children and wife.

Thijs Lauer Wiki-Bio

Like most of the celebrity kids, Thijs Lauer is famous because of his celebrity Father. We have revealed everything that is there to know about this young lad.

At this instance, he might be in the limelight because of his father, but we hope he’ll have his own name in the future making his parents proud of him.

Name: Thijs Lauer
Birth: 28th of November 2006
Father: Matt Lauer
 Mother: Annette Roque
Siblings: Jack Matthew Lauer Romy Lauer
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Student


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