Terry Mandel Age, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio of Howie Mandel Wife.

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You’ve probably heard of Howie Mandel; the longest running judge on America’s got talent and game show host on Deal or No Deal. However, did you know he wouldn’t have achieved said success if it wasn’t for his wife, Terry Mandel? She doesn’t show off much, nor is she a Megastar like her husband which begs the question on who she is. Here is our comprehensive take on Howie Mandel’s wife Terry Mandel’s career, net worth, wiki-bio and married life with Howie.

Who is Terry Mandel? Her Net worth & Career Info.

Records don’t reveal much other than her affiliation and marriage to the game show host. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a life of her own. Terry, like her husband’s work as a judge, is a Talent agent at The Abstract Talent Agency. The only difference between them is that Howie seeks out people’s natural aptitude in America whereas she does it in Toronto, Canada.

Other than her businesswoman label, she also got another profile to her resume as a producer. The talent agent is also the brains behind most of Howie’s live comedy shows and provides insight as his producer.

Image of Terry Mandel net worth is not available

Terry Mandel net worth is not available

With all this information in the bag, we still have no clue on  Howie Mandel’s wife Terry Mandel’s net worth. However, we do know that she enjoys an opulent lifestyle following her husband Howie Mandel’s net worth of $40 million plus her son’s $500,000

Terry Mandel is Howie Mandel’s wife. Know their married life and Meet Thier Children.

Many long-distance relationships fizzle out in a matter of months but here is a case that disapproves the notion. Terry and her husband got married on March 16th, 1980 which would make this year their 39th anniversary of being together.

However, that’s not entirely the case as the couple has known each other longer. The pair’s romance dates as far back to their high school years with a minor separation in between when Terry Mandel went to pursue her business degree. However, they rekindled their romance and picked up right where they left as soon as they met again.

Image of Terry Mandel with her husband Howie Mandel and their kids

Terry Mandel with her husband Howie Mandel and their kids

With good measure, it’s been a successful marriage with three beautiful kids to show for it. Their firstborn was a daughter named Jackie born in 1984. Howie Mandel and wife Terry Mandel’s daughter Jackie Mandel all grown up now and goes by the name Jackie Shultz following her marriage to Alex Shultz on July 22nd, 2013. Jackie works as a teacher.

Their second born came in 1989, and they gave him the name Alex. He not only resembles his dad but also takes after his comedic ways in his career as an actor and Vlogger on YouTube and Instagram. Finally, their last born Riley, born in 1992 is currently engaged to Cameron Ehrl, a senior developer at Cie Digital Lab.

Howie Mandel’s wife Terry Mandel Age, Birthdate.

The Mandel family have all, but one embraced the limelight. Terry Mandel’s past remains her past and doesn’t intend on letting anyone in on Terry Mandel’s birthdate. This goes to say it’s impossible to calculate her real age. However, not all is lost since we managed to snag a tweet of the comedian wishing her a happy birthday on May 26th.

Terry Mandel Family, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Terry Soil Mandel
Age Unknown
Date of Birth May 26th
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario
Profession Talent Agent, Businesswoman
Net worth Unknown
Husband Howie Mandel
Kids 3
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Gemini

As already mentioned, Terry is Canadian by birth having been born in Ontario on May 26th as Terry Soil. She went through the Canadian education system with her husband as a young lad at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute. While she made it through graduation, her husband didn’t, following his expulsion for impersonation on school staff.

The mother of three and wife of Howie Mandel, Terry Mandel secured her future at Harvard University where she took on a Business degree. Her only family documented is the one she’s built with Howie. Did you know that Terry is the one who persuaded the comedian to take NBC’s Deal or No Deal offer after he turned it down severally? Moreover, she’s also found ways of living with her husband’s OCD, Color Blindness and ADHD making her a crucial member of the family.

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