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Tai Lopez Wikipedia type bio, net worth, age, wife and married life 2022

Tai Lopez

Check out Tai Lopez’s Wikipedia type bio. The famous entrepreneur’s wife, his married life, net worth and his right here. If you are in search of the Wikipedia for Tai Lopez, here it is.

Tai Lopez’s Wikipedia type biography, age

Born on 10th April 1977, Southern California, America he is 40 years old. Tai Lopez was raised by mainly his mother and grandmother. During his teenage years, Lopez began to inquire on how to access the ‘Good life’ he had read about from the philosopher Aristotle’s writings. Even though he grew up in a neighborhood that was full of gang activities, he still opted for the world of gaining knowledge to better his life. Although his Wikipedia search does not bring up much of his past life, his rise in the business world has increased his net worth.


He actually did attend college but dropped out before he could earn his degree.

Born                                              Tai Lopez

Date of birth:                              April 10th 1977 (age 40)

Birth Place                                   Southern California, U.S.

Height                                           5feet 9

Weight                                          78kg

Ethnicity                                        White

Occupation                                   Investor, Businessman

Parents                                         Unknown

Girlfriend                                      Kenna Alastair

Zodiac                                              Aries

Net worth                                    $5million

Tai Lopez’s net worth; How did Tai become rich?

Lopez does not hesitate to his life story and how hard it was for him to acquire the riches he owns now. Having the fastest growing TED Talks presentation with over 7 million views, Lopez illustrates how reading a book every single day places you above an average human. After acknowledging his desire to know and experience The Good Life, Lopez decided to visit a man by the name of Mike. Mike mentored and taught him on what business and finance is all about. Lopez is a certified financial planner who owns 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

In 2008 he appeared on the episode of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ episode. This made him popular among the masses. Over the years, his net worth has changed from what it was before. Some estimate his net worth to being between $3 million and $5 million dollars. Tai Lopez is also a motivational speaker who runs a podcast.

His 67 steps program is followed by many. He gets hired to give advice to various businessmen and schools. His YouTube channel has over 900,000 subscribers which with more than 1 million viewers. Lopez explains that he landed where he is now by taking his last $47 and looking for means to produce more from it. His net worth sums up all his business explorations and investments.

Tai owns a black Lamborghini among other vehicles. Searching on Wikipedia, you will find photos of his cars. He does live a luxurious life in Hollywood Hills, U.S.

Tai Lopez married life and Wife

Information on whether he is married is not yet out. However, he is known to be dating Girlfriend Kenna Alastair.

Tai Lopez and Kenna Alastair making funny faces in vacation
Tai Lopez dating his girlfriend Kenna Alastair

Source: Twitter

She is a model based in LA. They have been dating for over two years now.


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