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Swamp People Cast Member Killed. Know about Swamp People Death.

Image of Swamp People Cast Member Killed. Know about Swamp People Death.

Swamp People, an American history series that premiered in the year 2010 brought the alligator hunting game and business in Louisiana to the limelight. The American audience was entertained with a breathtaking show that showcased popular hunters. Both young and old, they did what they knew best; hunting alligators.

 Some of the hunters came on to the show with their close-knit family members and friends. This endeared them more to the audiences. This close-knit family of hunters has been faced by grief twice when they lost two of their former colleagues. They took to their social media platforms to grieve their two fallen mates. We will examine their lives, and find out which one of them passed on.

Willie Edwards from Swamp People is Dead. Is This Death True, or a Rumor?

Willie Edwards hails from the Edwards family that showcased a family’s prowess in alligator hunting from season 1 to season 6. His family had all the members feature: his father, Junior Edwards, mother, Theresa Edwards and older brother Randy Edwards.

Image of Swamp People cast Willie Edward died at 24
Swamp People cast Willie Edward died at 24

The rumor was rife that Willie Edwards was dead. His parents, however, say that their son is alive and well. It happened to just be a story of mistaken identity. Someone just started a fake story by pressing the internet rumor mill button splashing all manner of stories about Willie Edwards. The actual Willie Edwards who had died was a 24-year-old African American murdered in 1957 by a racial group, Ku Klux Klan

Swamp People’s Randy Edwards Death. How did he die?

Randy Edwards was the youngest in the family of Junior and Theresa Edwards who also featured in Swamp People. The parents were passing on the hunting skills to their younger sons on the show. Randy sadly died from a road crash at Iberville parish early morning September 15, 2018 at the age of 35. The harsh hand of death snatched away the life of this relatively young Edwards, through a harrowing road crash on September 15, 2018.

Image of Swamp People cast Randy Edward died on road crash on September 15, 2018.
Swamp People cast Randy Edward died on road crash on September 15, 2018.

A resident of Donaldsonville crashed his car on a utility pole on highway 75, south of 3066 in the wee hours of that fateful morning. Police said investigations showed Edwards was traveling in a Chevrolet when he failed to negotiate a left-hand turning. His car then swerved off to the right side of the road and hit a utility pole. Randy did not have his seat belt on, which resulted in fatal injuries.

Social media sites were awash with messages of condolences for the Edwards on the loss of their dear son. His family confirmed his death. Understandably,  they asked for privacy to mourn him.

Willie the eldest of the Edwards children, appeared on the show even after his father Junior left on the 7th season. The production company kept him on the show as they exited the older castors. The entire Swamp People fraternity misses Randy.

Another Swamp People cast Mitchell Guist dies.

Swamp People also lost a former cast member, Mitchell Guist who fell aboard his hunting boat and died. The lovable, burly and heavy bearded alligator hunter, was popular from his enthralling hunting episodes with his brother, Glen on the show.  The Louisiana police department confirmed his death. Born in 1964, he died at the age of 48.

Image of Swamp People cast Mitchell Guist died at age of 48 falling from boat
Swamp People cast Mitchell Guist died at age of 48 falling from boat

As per the reports from Sheriff Mike Waguespack, the incident had happened around 9am on the fateful day of May 14, 2012. He fell out of his boat. There was speculation that he had suffered a seizure. There were efforts to try and resuscitate him through CPR, but it was unsuccessful. The spokesperson of the History channel and Original media, the producers of Swamp People gave a statement on the demise of Guist. The statement read:

“We are extremely saddened to report that our friend and beloved member of the Swamp People family, Mitchell Guist, has passed away earlier today,”

the statement reads.

“Mitchell passed on the swamp, doing what he loved. We appreciate your respect for the Guist family’s privacy and hope you join us in sending our thoughts and prayers to his brother, Glenn, and the rest of the Guist family.”

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