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Susie Essman Bio: Husband, Married, Net worth, Movies and Tv Shows 2022

Susie Essman

Susie Essman is an American born actress, writer, TV producer and a stand-up comedian known for her role as Susie Greene on Curb Enthusiasm and the voice of Mittens in Bolt. Today let’s find out more about Susie Essman’s Husband and married life. Also, read more to know more about her net worth, Movies, and Tv Shows.

Standup comedian Susie Essman’s Married life With Husband Jim Harder.

Susan Essman got married on Saturday, September 2008 to husband Jim Harder, a commercial real estate broker at the age of 53 at the Friars Club in Manhattan and Tom Fontana, a writer, and producer who doubles as a minister of the American Fellowship Church officiated the marriage.

Susie Essman’s husband Jim Harder works in Albany. His parents were Helen Harder and George Harder of Delmar. His father is a retired lawyer.

The couple had met in New York during Thanksgiving weekend of 2003.  Harder was visiting his brother an interior decorator who is also a friend of Miss Essman. In her words,

Mike had never bothered introducing us.’’

Miss Essman said.

‘’ He never thought I’d go for Jimmy because he was divorced and had four kids and lived 150 miles from New York.’’

During the weekend, the trio of Harder, his brother and Essman had got on a shopping spree where Miss Essman found something in Harder which she hasn’t found in Hollywood.

‘’ He was a person who was warm and loving and real,’’

She made this known in a low voice that ordinarily would never have come out of the mouth of Susie Greene,

‘’He didn’t know who I was or that I was on this hit show,’’

she said.

‘’He didn’t even have HBO, or cable for that matter, and maybe that was a good thing because if he had ever seen me play Susie Greene, he probably would have run for the hills.’’

Harder said,

‘’I just kept noticing her. People had told me that she was the funniest person they had ever met, but when I met her, there was a loving and warm side of her that came across almost instantly.’’

In December, harder took his four children to the central park where they met Miss Essman for the first time.

They were adorable and gorgeous,’

Miss Essman said.

‘’I had no idea that one day I would be their stepmother.

Susie Essman & Jim Harder.                                                       Susie Essman & Jim Harder.

Susie Essman Parents, Kids

Susie Essman was born into the Family of Leonard and Zora Essman. Her father died in 2001, and her mother was a Russian language teacher at Sarah Lawrence College. His grandparents emigrated from Russia and Poland. There is no established proof of her children, but she is a stepmother to Harder ‘s four children.

Career and rise to fame

Susie Essman started her career in acting with a small role she played in two films Crocodile ll and Punchline in 1988. She is known for her role as Susie Greene, the wife of Jeff Greene on the HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Official Poster of "Crocodile ll" film of Susie Essman

      Official Poster of Film “Crocodile ll” Which Was First Film Of Susie Essman


Essman has been traveling and featuring at clubs around the country for 20 years. On January 5, 2989, she was a guest on at the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He featured on documentaries as Heroes of Jewish Comedy and A History of Jewish Comedy.

She also performed at the Friars Club of Donald Trump, in which she lampooned the tycoon with lines like

‘’Donald, did you enjoy your meal? I heard Your hair ordered the salmon.’’


 ‘’I’m so not your type. I’m smart, my boobs are real, and I speak English.’’

In July 2007, Essman also made her U.K. stand-up comedy debut at the corn exchange at the Newbury Comedy Festival.

She featured on the show 8 Out of 10 Cats in England and also she worked as a voice artist on the Comedy Central Series, “Crank Yankers” in which she provided the voice of Helen Higgins.

Susie Essman net worth

Essman has a net worth of $8 million dollars, and her source of income is from acting and writing.

Net Worth of Susie Essman is $8 Million On 2017

                                      Net Worth of Susie Essman is $8 Million On 2017

Movies and tv shows

Some the Movies she acted includes Crocodile Dundee ll in 1988, Punchline in same year, Volcano in 1997, The Siege in 1998, Keeping secret lives od Dentists in 2002, Bolt in 2008, BAND aid in 2017 among others

Official Film Poster Of BAND AID blim by Susie Essman

                                  Official Film Poster Of BAND AID

Source:- Indie Revolver

The Tv series she has featured are too numerous to mention, but in 1988-1989, she featured in Baby Boom, True Colors in 1992, Hardcore TV IN 1994, Curb and Enthusiasm in 2000, The king of queens in 2002, Crank Yankers 2002-2003, Broad Street City 2015-16, The Goldbergs 2017 among others.

Susie Essman Wiki bio including age, height

Name- Susan Essman

Born May 31, 1955 (62) in The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States. A writer, actress, and comedian She married Jim Harder. Height 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)

She was born on 31 May 1955 in the Bronx, New York City and grew up in the middle-class family. Leonard Essman, Susie Essman’s father, was an internist who passed on in 2001 and her mother, Zora taught the Russian language at Sarah Lawrence College.

She is Jewish, and the grandparents emigrated from Russia and Poland. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Purchase College.

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