Sue Aikens Bear Attack and 5 Facts About Sue Aiken.

Sue Aikens Bear Attack

Sue Aiken is the owner of Kavik camp and one of the stars of the reality television show “Life at Zero.” She was attacked by a bear while pumping water from the river. She narrates her bear attack experience to radio times.

Sue suffered severe knee injuries but managed to kill the bear and dragged herself to the house. She was located by a pilot who had passed by his gas station for the third time, noticing that it looked abandoned. He helped her clean up and flew her to Fairbanks, who referred her to Portland for spinal surgery.

5 Sue Aikens Facts

  1.  She was born in 1963 and partly raised in Chicago before moving to Alaska with her mother after her parents divorced. This makes her 54 years presently.
  2. She is the owner of the Kivik River camp located at the boundary of the Arctic National wildlife refuge. The center is favorable for fishing and hunting. It also has a gas station that offers gas services to its visitors.
  3. She is the highest-paid star on “Life below zero” with $ 200,000 each year. This puts her net worth at $600,000 currently as of 2022.
  4.  She bought the Kivik Camp from the company she used to work for earlier on before she resigned.
  5. Her primary income is mainly generated from June to September, before winter.

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  1. She survived a bear attack in that wilderness. She is the example of how a woman should be, she is a strong woman and I’m not referring “strong” only physically. Sue Aikens, I am a great fan.

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