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Steven Raichlen Net Worth, Wife, BBQ, Restaurants, and Wiki-Bio. 2022

Image of Steven Raichlen Net Worth, Wife, BBQ, Restaurants, and Wiki-Bio.

Steven Raichlen is a prolific culinary writer who recently diversified into the world of fictional novel writing.

Apart from that, he is mainly known for his work as a television show host on various programs across American Public Television.

To learn more about his creative brains at work, journey with us as we explore Steven Raichlen’s net worth, BBQ, restaurants, and Wiki-bio.

Based on the author’s work, you may think his heart lies with food, but in the real sense, it’s with his wife. So why don’t we start with her?

Steven Raichlen is Married to a wife, Barbara Seldin.

About two decades ago, on October 20th, the author exchanged wedding vows with the love of his life, wife Barbara Seldin.

Often not, you may hear people talking about meeting their loved ones while on campus. However, the couple’s origin story is not an ordinary case.

Image of Steven Raichlen with his wife Barbara Seldin

Steven Raichlen with his wife, Barbara Seldin

Barbara Seldin also took cooking classes and was his student at La Varenne, situated in Stowe, Vermont.

What are the odds that that was the first American campus of the Culinary Institution? She, later on, became a recognized publicist and, even better, his wife.

Steven Raichlen and his wife, Barbara Seldinfnet’s marriage remains untainted by rumors and cheating scandals that could end their relationship.

They share two kids currently approaching their mid-twenties, namely Jake and Betsy. The family lives happily in their home in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Steven Raichlen Net Worth, Salary

Credible sources indicate that Steven Raichlen’s net worth is estimated at $5 Millio  as of 2022.

However, all fail to report how much he earns regarding salary from his various endeavors. Being a Jack of all trades, here are the father of two’s sources of income.

Image of Food Writer, Steven Raichlen net worth is $400,000

Food Writer Steven Raichlen’s net worth is $400,000

Since time immemorial, writing has always been his passion. He has over 31 published books that have sold like hot cake worldwide.

They include fiction and non-fiction works that mostly have a theme revolving around cooking. Others are cookbooks with thousands of recipes he has collected and perfected.

Moreover, the author also makes his money as a TV personality. His debut in the industry took place in 2003 and is still ongoing.

Some roles he has taken up include a host, co-host, and several guest appearances on several talk shows.

Steven Raichlen Restaurants, TV shows, career info

The one thing that fueled Steven’s career was traveling the world. Raichlen was born in Japan and raised in the US.

However, even before he graduated, he had already received scholarships to study Medieval cooking in Europe and study different techniques.

Fluent in French, he trained in Paris and wrote his first book, The Barbecue Bible, in 2008.

His other works include Project Smoke, Project Fire, BBQ USA, and many others. With his career on an upward trajectory, he made his debut on television with the TV Show Barbecue University in 2003.

Other shows include Primal Grill, Project Smoke, and even programs on the French Network Zeste called Le Maitre du Grill and Les Incontrollable.

When he is not too busy, Raichlen often reviews some of the best BBQ restaurants across the states. Recently, he rolled out a list that includes; Lilia- Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Buxton Hall BBQ – Ashville, NC; Bear and Star – Los Olivos, CA and Loro in Austin, TX.

You can read more about the restaurants here.

Steven Raichlen BBQ and recipe.

For all the lovers of barbecued ribs, this segment is specifically for you. You may need the following:

  • 1½ teaspoons of ground cumin, dry mustard, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and celery salt.
  • 4½ teaspoons of dark brown sugar and freshly ground black pepper.
  • One tablespoon of salt and ¼ cup of sweet paprika
  • 2 cups o cider vinegar and ½ cup of yellow mustard.
  • About 7 pounds of ribs with the skin removed.


  • Mix the paprika, pepper, sugar, the two salts, cayenne, garlic powder, dry mustard, and cumin and rub over both sides of the ribs
  • Cover the ribs and let cool for 4-8 hours inside a refrigerator while making the mop sauce that goes with it.
  • mix the cider vinegar, mustard, and two teaspoons of salt
  • Prepare your grill by setting it to medium heat and take out the ribs
  • You may want to cook indirectly by placing a drip pan in between and cook the ribs for about an hour
  • Add the mop sauce and cook until the meat is tender.
  • Season the bones, cut them in half, and serve when hot.


Full Name Steven Raichlen
Age 69
Date of Birth March 11th, 1953
Place of Birth Nagoya, Japan
Profession Author, TV personality
Net worth $5 Million
Wife Barbara Seldin
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Pisces

On March 11th, 1953, the culinary writer was born in Nagoya, Japan, to his parents, Isadore and Frances Raichlen. He was raised right in Baltimore, Maryland, with his Ballerina mom and dad, who passed away in October 2016.

Home cooking wasn’t exactly something he was accustomed to, and he only enjoyed it during get-togethers and family dinners with the grandparents.

He is currently 69 years of age. He recalls his time back at Reed College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature.

Moreover, the father of two also got a Thomas J Watson Foundation Fellowship, taking him to Europe.

While there, he trained and became a lecturer before turning into the writer we all know today.


As seen through his net worth, Steven Raichlen enjoys his creative skills as a culinary writer.

His career not only paid the bills but managed to cater to his two kids and wife throughout the ages.

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