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Steve Dischiavi is Married to Wife Simone Dischiavi . Congratulations! 2022

Image of Steve Dischiavi and his wife

Steve Dischiavi is the co-host of the popular crime series ‘The Dead Files.’ The TV personality is also a real-life USMC veteran. Additionally, he is a retired NYPD Homicide officer. He is widely known for his cast in the famous 2008 movie Pride and Glory. Steve recently married the love of his life with whom he had been in a relationship for a long time. This article shares details about his wedding and points out some additional facts for his followers.

In December 2021, Steve married the love of his life. For a very long time, the TV personality had been sharing pictures of his girlfriend on his Instagram handle. They finally exchanged wedding vows in Cape Coral, Florida, in a grand reception. We can see from his Instagram posts; Steve is wearing a black suit and white shirt. His gorgeous spouse is dressed up in an elegant white gown.

The special appearance of their wedding is Steve’s cute brown dog. It sticks to the couple when exchanging vows and seems like a very important member of the family. After a day of their wedding, Steve also shared posts about his honeymoon night. They are on a Honeymoon vacation at the beach (location unknown). The couple seems ecstatic about each other’s company. Steve currently has 61k followers on his Instagram account.

Image of Steve Dischiavi and wife

The Dead Flies co-host, Steve Dischiavi posing with his newly wedded wife

Steve Dischiavi is married to Simone Dischiavi. Unlike Steve, Simone is far from the media life and prefers to keep her stories to herself. Her Instagram account currently has 134 followers, which she keeps closed for her close friends and family. Simone is a pretty woman in her mid-thirties, as per our speculations from her pictures. Steve has also recently started his podcast on YouTube, which has very little reach as of 2021.

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Dischiavi a warm congratulations on their marriage.

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