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Stephen Colbert’s Wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert Age, Birth Date, Facts

Image of Stephen Colbert's Wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert Age, Birth Date, Facts

The former President of the US, Donald Trump may not have faced as much heat from the opposition parties during the election then he has suffered from talk-show hosts of the world. Stephen Colbert for one has been relentless in raining down blows of insults on the current President.

When the 57-year-old is not roasting Donald Trump or when he is away from the camera he is a family man and husband to his wife, Evelyn McGee Colbert. Learn more essential facts about his wife Emily McGee Colber, including h, married Carrie,d life, and much more below.

Emily McGee-Colbert’s married life with Husband Stephen Colbert.

Emily McGee Colbert is the wife of Stephen Colbert, and by the looks of it, they have a healthy and happy married life. They have been married altogether for over 29 years, but the love between them is still equally strong. Their married life is cute, but it falls short in how the two met. Stephen recently opened up about it in 2016 during a show answering a fan’s question about how he met his wife.

According to him, Stephen was already amidst a relationship crisis with one of his former girlfriends, Ann. His girlfriend wanted to get married, but Stephen felt their relationship still wasn’t perfect, so he decided to visit his hometown in Charleston, South Carolina to think things over.

During that time he accompanied his mother to the Spoleto festival for a world premiere of a play where he first laid eyes on this beautiful woman ‘ knew he had to speak with.

Image of Evelyn McGee with her husband Stephen Colbert

Evelyn McGee with her husband Stephen Colbert

They kept locking eyes through the night, and when Stephen finally approached her, they realized they did know each other just not directly both having lived near the same are only two blocks away from where The Stephen Colbert Show’ host lived, they just went to different schools.

They clicked right off the bat and kept just talking for 2 hours straight. Both Emily and Stephen knew that they were made for each other and sometime after dating they got married in the 9th of October in 1993 and had lived happily ever since.

Emily McGee-Colbert and her husband also share three children who are the symbols of their strong married life. Their first daughter named Madeleine was born in 1995, their second child, son Peter was born in 1998 and their third child John was born in 2002.

Emily McGee-Colbert’s Net, For the time being, worth

Emily McGee Colbert’s net worth is unknown or yet to be calculated. She shares an incredible net worth of an estimated 76 million dollars with her husband, Stephen Colbert. The significant net worth that she shares with her husband is also subjugated to be influenced by her independent salary and worth as an actress.

Stephen Colbert's wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert Biography: Net Worth, Parents,  Age, Birthday, Height, Husband, Instagram, Education, Wiki - TheCityCeleb

Emily McGee has appeared or has credits for multiple movies like ‘Strangers with Candy’ in 2005 as Chuck’s mom. She also has credits for movies ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ and ‘Alpha House.’ So don’t think that Emily McGee does not have a career of her contributions to her worth which must be a very satisfying amount in itself

Emily McGee Colbert’s wiki-bio

Emily McGee Colbert is famous for being the wife of the American actor, host, comedian, writer, and producer Stephen Colbert. Emily McGee Colbert is also an actress, and they have been married together for more than 29 long years.

Not much is known about the actress’s own wi,ki-bio, including her age and birth, although Stephen has mentioned his wife to be around the same age as him. So it is safe to suppose that she is in her 50s supposedly in her late 50s. Emily McGee’s the daughter of Joseph McGee. Her father is a prominent civil litigator from Charleston who also served in South Carolina’s House of Representatives.

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