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Steelo Brim Net worth, Age, Girlfriend, Real name. 2022

Image of Steelo Brim Net worth, Age, Girlfriend

There have been a lot of praise articles going on around concerning the American actor, producer and TV host, Steelo Brim. However, we are not here to talk about how great he is, but we will be focusing on concrete facts. It doesn’t matter whether he hides his personal life, we will talk about it all in a wiki-bio type summary.  Know about his age, girlfriend, and career all culminating into Steelo Brim’s net worth.

Steelo Brim’s Net worth is $3 Million.

Producing is one thing but getting people hooked onto a show that gets renewed for seasons on end is pure ingenuity. It is the attention he was hoping for, and in turn, it has helped him make millions of dollars.

Steelo Brim’s net worth amounts to $3 million as of 2018 which is subject to rising since he is still on duty. He doesn’t look like the type to retire anytime soon. His co-star Rob Dyrdek scoops the most significant share regarding salary per episode at $140,000. Though unknown, we can guess his salary is not too far back from Rob’s.

Image of Stello Brim net worth is $3 Million

Stello Brim net worth is $3 Million

Away from his co-hosting job, Brim’s net worth is also pumped by his work as an actor. Although he has not appeared in a lot of films, the pay he got is significantly more than what he hoped for. Other sources include his career in music as well as his production job.

House and Cars

A lot has changed for Steelo Brim over the last decade. For starters, his net worth growth has been off the charts. As such, he had to style up his life a little bit more to match his current financial status. He knows all too well not to go to extremes, unlike his fellow co-host Chanel who filed for bankruptcy after failing to pay her bills in time.

Earlier this year in March, Steelo Brim put up his home in Toluca Lake for sale. It’s not a mansion but feels like one with three bedrooms and 3.25 bathrooms – whatever that means. The kitchen is English made with an open plan space connecting the dining and living room. How could we forget the fireplace to warm up the house on those cold winter nights?

At the time, the place went for $1.445 million. We do not know whether or not someone took the offer and moved in, but it would be a wise investment. The TV star’s cars have not been listed yet.

The career that Gave Steelo Brim a $3 Million Net Worth.

While most teenagers still struggle to find themselves, Brim already knew what he wanted to accomplish at age 19. He made the executive decision to move from his hometown in Chicago to pursue a music career in Los Angeles, California. It landed him a role in the film Hardball released in 2001 where he played the character, Sterling.

It was not long before he got a role in radio and A&R. For those who aren’t aware of A&R, it’s like the scouts in soccer. The only difference being instead of looking for footballers, they scout for talented young artists and sign them.

It is here that Steelo Brim met Rob Dyrdek that changed the game entirely. He went from ‘who’s that guy?’ to ‘that’s Steelo Brim, co-host of MTV’s Ridiculousness.’ The role he took was a turning point in his career that opened up many career opportunities. Some other films and shows he has done include, Wild Grinders, Orange Drive and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Steelo Brim Dating life and Girlfriend.

For some reason, his friends nicknamed him Skinny D. Millennials out there already know that this name would market him quite well for the single ladies. However, there has been no legit source indicating his girlfriend or who he is dating. Likewise, there is no information on his previous relationships, which begs the question of whether or not he is straight or gay.

However, it was natural for fans to mention that he was dating co-host Chanel West Coast. The rumors were clarified real quick citing professionalism and no form of intimacy. Skinny D has no kids.

Image of Steelo Brim

Steelo Brim

Wiki-Bio, Age

Name Sterling Brim
Nickname Skinny D
Age 30
Date of Birth June 5th, 1988
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Profession TV personality, actor, co-host
Net worth $3 million
Girlfriend Single
Kids None
Height 5’8’’
Weight 65 Kg.
Star Sign Gemini

Born as Sterling Brim and the son to two local pastors, you can bet he grew up religious. His actual date of birth is June 5th,1988 making his current age at 30. He grew up alongside his many brothers and sister while attending Whitney Young High School. Even after he got a shot at a full scholarship to study at Morgan State University, Skinny D turned it down and pursued his career.


Steelo Brim is one of those celebrities talented in front of the camera as well as keeping secrets. It is even shocking that we got the exact figure on his net worth when information on his girlfriend and salary are missing. Sooner or later he is bound to get married. After all, he is of the right age.

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