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Shimon Prokupecz Wikipedia-Bio, Nationality, Parents, Education, Gay, Wife, net worth. 2022

Meet Shimon Prokupecz, a top-notch journalist and crucial part of the CNN news crew. We all know about the News anchors who brief us on current affairs. However, if it weren’t for the reporters who cover the stories on-site, the anchors wouldn’t have much to inform us. That is why we have taken the liberty to highlight the life of the reporter by focusing on critical areas like his nationality, family, parents, and net worth. Moreover, we also probed into Shimon’s private life and answered a few questions on whether he is gay or not.

Who is Shimon Prokupecz? His career details.

According to CNN’s character profiles, Shimon Prokupecz is a crime and justice reporter and a good one. His road to journalism kick-starter right after high school graduation when he had career prospects of becoming a journalist.

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz takes your questions on the Capitol Hill attack  hearing - CNN Video

He got his acceptance letter at Hunter College where he got his priors and started small in Brooklyn. The reporter first got a job at the District Attorney’s Office where he worked as a paralegal. After drafting legal documents, and undertaking legal research and presentations, he decided on moving a step further up the ladder at WNBC.

At the station, he served as an assignment editor and produced most of the station’s work. He finally got his work cut out for him after CNN hired him as its justice producer in 2013. The journalist got a raise and got transferred to CNN’s New York headquarters. While there, he covered the law enforcement agencies like the New York Police Department and the FBI.

Shimon Prokupecz got applauded for his contribution in charging Senator Robert Menendez of the Justice Department. Others include investigating President Trump’s allegations of The White House wiretapping, Russia’s involvement with the recent US elections, and many more.

His family and parents.

The tale of Shimon’s parents and early life is a private story and only exclusive to his family. He was born on April 2nd, 1978 in New York’s city’s most popular borough, Brooklyn. Quick math on that will reveal his age as 40 years old with the star sign Aries.

We will go on a limb and make an educated guess that he probably went to school in Brooklyn since that’s where he got nurtured and raised. However, his parents are unknown. The crime reporter has refused to divulge details about them but isn’t hard on sharing photos of them on his Instagram.

You can easily tell that his parents are still together and offer him their full support and vice versa. Furthermore, he holds a special bond with his mother whom he likes to hang out with when he’s not too busy covering gun shootings. Shimon Prokupecz’s mother still finds it hard to believe that her son landed a job on CNN which he shared with his fans on Instagram.

Shimon Prokupecz Married to wife? Dating a girlfriend? Or gay?

Like the reveal of his parents, Prokupecz’s personal life is also unknown. Many of his fans are at loggerheads with him for keeping them in the dark with some mentioning that he is gay. These allegations are entirely false since we do know for a fact that Shimon is straight.

However, he supports the gay rights movement on all fronts. He has gay friends and celebrates gay pride month in style with his gay buddies who form part of his inner circle. Speaking of his inner circle, there are two women he holds dear above all the rest – Sara Murray and Katy an author.

Shimon’s love life may be under wraps, but the signs are there. He cozies up to Katy as seen on his Instagram which raises a lot of eyebrows. However, he has not officially confirmed whether she is his girlfriend and neither is married to anyone.

Shimon Prokupecz Net worth.

Compared to most journalists, the reporter earns a substantial amount of money. Shimon Prokupecz’s net worth estimations as of 2018 reveal the figure at $2 million. He makes most, if not all of his money from his journalism career. You can catch up with him on CNN Saturday, Anderson Cooper 360, and CNN Newsroom.

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Shimon Prokupecz, CNN crime and justice correspondent  - POLITICO

From the life he lives as seen through his social media platforms, Prokupecz maintains a wealthy lifestyle. The reporter likes traveling the world, sometimes in coverage of stories or others plain old vacationing.

CNN has placed a tight wrap on his salary earnings as well as his former network WNBC. One thing is real though, his career net worth and earnings have seen an upward trajectory and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.

Shimon Prokupecz’s journey to CNN

As already mentioned, Prokupecz dedicated a huge chunk of his time working for other networks such as WABC-TV and WNBC. Both are affiliates of the ABC and NBC Network’s respectively sanctioned in New York City. Shimon Prokupecz worked as an assignment editor at WABC-TV and as a producer on WNBC.

Before that, he worked at the Brooklynn’s Attorney General’s Office as a paralegal before branching out to WABC-TV. He finally landed a job in 2013 on CNN also as its producer working under the justice department.

Controversies and facts.

Shimon Prokupecz is an American by birth and belongs to the Hispanic or Latin American ethnicity. Of all the stories he has covered so far, there was one that produced a public uproar. In late October last year, eight people lost their lives with several others left injured after a truck ran over them in Lower Manhattan.

However, he refused to give details of the truck driver who was believed to be part of a small terrorist group. Social media went wild with all sorts of conspiracy stories breaking out when he said,

“Police know who he is and have a description of him… I’m not going to share that at the moment.”


Full Name Shimon Prokupecz
Age 44
Date of Birth April 2nd, 1978
Place of Birth New York
Profession Journalist
Net worth $2 million
Relationship status Single
Kids none
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Aries.

Shimon Prokupecz is an American journalist with a net worth of $2 million at 44 years of age. The fact that he chooses not to reveal details on his parents and love life doesn’t render him termed as gay.

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