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Sean Mcvay girlfriend Veronika Khomyn wiki bio, Instagram images, age, Nationality.

Sean Mcvay and his girlfriend Veronika Khomyn in vacation-Instagram image

Sean Mcvay is an American football coach. He is the coach of  Los Angeles Rams of the National  Football League. Hired in 2017, Mcvay entered the records as one of the youngest head coaches in National Football League history. The 32-year-old coach prior to his appointment as the head coach of Los Angeles Rams used to be an assistant coach for Washington Redskins between 2014 and 2016 and an offensive coordinator.

He is dating a hot girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn

Los Angeles Rams head coach Mcvay is dating his longtime girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn. The gorgeous, beautiful woman is of Ukranian nationality. The two have often been seen together in public places and have shared numerous photos that they are together in social media. They have never shied away from flaunting their love publicly.

Sean Mcvay met the hot woman way back when he was still the assistant coach for Washington Reskins. It is not clear when exactly and where the two met, but photos are showing them together began to appear in 2016. Since then they have appeared on several occasions together and public places including the Miami Beach.

Beautiful Couple: Sean Mcvay and Veronika Khomyn seems happy together-instagram image

Sean Mcvay dating Veronika Khomyn-Instagram image

Source: TMZ

Will Sean Mcvey Girlfriend Veronika be his wife soon?

Although both Mcvey and Veronika have not hinted about getting married soon, from the look of things wedding bells might be ringing soon. The duo has shown their love and affection publicly on many occasions publicly. The hot Ukranian woman might, therefore, be the wife of Mcvay soon.

Their relationship which has lasted for over two years now might graduate to the next level soon. It appears soon; the Los Angeles Rams head coach will be married.

Sean Mcvey and Girlfriend Veronika(soon-to-be-wife) kissing-Instagram image

Smoking Hot: Sean Mcvey with his hot girlfriend Veronika -Instagram image

Source: Fabwags

Her family, Parents

Nothing much is known about the family and parents of Sean Mcvey girlfriend, Veronika Khomyn. The Ukranian born lady has kept her parents and family matters a secret, and we have not, therefore, established her parents and her family members. But sooner or later the information will be updated, and we will be here to share the facts with you.

Veronika Khomyn selfie-Instagram image

Veronika Khomyn selfie-Instagram image

Source: Daily Snark

Career and Profession

The gorgeous hot and beautiful Veronika Khomyn is a model. She is a professional model and a fashion designer for quite some time now. She has worked with UFC Gym and DC Clubbing in Fairfax.

She is cashing in her stunning looks and beauty in her career. Her pictures on Instagram have achieved the immense following, and she has gained more publicity given that she is the girlfriend of Los Angeles Rams Head Coach.

Veronika Khomyn completed her degree-Instagram image

Veronika Khomyn completed her degree-Instagram image

Source: Fabwags

Short Wiki-bio, Age, Ethnicity, nationality, Instagram pictures

Veronica Khomyn was born in Ukraine. She was named Veronika Nikolaevna at birth. She is 28 years old. Her death of birth remains unknown. Veronica is of the white ethnicity, and she holds dual citizenship. She is a Ukranian and also a United States citizen. She is a common face in social media and has often posted captivating photos on her Instagram account.

Sean Mcvay's girlfriend Veronika Khomyn posting her selfie in social media-Instagram image

Hot Veronika Khomyn posting her selfie in social media-Instagram image

Source: Bustedcoverage

Veronika attended George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. She is currently dating Sean Mcvay, a 32 year National Football Federation head coach of Los Angeles Rams. Veronika lived in Virginia before relocating to Los Angeles with his boyfriend

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