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Mis Fit Garage’s Scot McMillan Net worth, Wife, wiki-bio. 2022


Hot rod builder and reality television personality, Scot McMillan Jr. is well known for his role in the Discovery Channel’s hit reality television show, Misfit Garage. The show revolves around the operations of the company, Fired Up Garage that he founded along with Tom Smith and Jordan Butler. Have a look at Scot McMillan’s net worth, married life with wife Nikki McMillan and wiki-bio.


At an early age, Scot McMillan built cars with his father in their two-car garage. In addition to the fact that his life’s goal then was to start his garage someday, the reality TV star’s first business venture, Scot Rod’s, was founded in his father’s garage. There, with the help of his friend, Aaron Kaufman, Scot sold his first build, during his senior year of high school.

After graduation, Scot’s uncle offered him space, which he used to run the operations of the shop that he had founded with Aaron. The shop is called PT Performance.

The two built nearly fifty cars together at PT Performance before returning backspace. Unable to start a new shop or secure a loan at age 19, Scot joined the Marine Corps where he traveled the world and served in Iraq, until being hit by a mortar.

This traumatic experience reawakened Scot’s passion, to build cars when he returned home in 2006. Later in 2014, Scot started to appear in the Discovery Channel’s reality television show, Misfit Garage. The show is a spin-off of another hit show, Fast N’ Loud and has since been airing for five seasons.

Scot McMillan from misfit garage net worth career family kids
Caption:- Scot McMillan with his family.

Currently, he is focused on Scot Rods Garage, automotive restoration and parts Centre. He co-founded the business with Jeff Dunlap in 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America.

Misfit Garage Scot McMillan Net worth 2022

Scot McMillan Net Worth
Caption:- Scot McMillan’s Net Worth is $600,000

Misfit Garage star Scot McMillan Net Worth is estimated at $600,000 as of 2022, and a significant portion of his wealth is attributed to his numerous appearances on the show.

According to reports, Scot McMillan earns up to $17,000 per episode released. Given the show’s recent increase in its fan following and positive critic reviews, his net worth is subject to increment given that he is set to feature in more of the show’s episodes shortly.

Scot McMillan is Married to wife Nikki McMillan: They have two kids Scot iii and Cole.

Scot McMillan is married to wife Nikki McMillan. The pair share two children, Scot iii and Cole. More details about their children are under review hence they remain undisclosed to the public. Not much is known of his spouse Nikki, given he rarely shares the details of his private life through the various social media outlets.

Caption:- Scot McMillan with his wife, Nikki McMillan


Scot McMillan was born in Texas, United States of America. Though some of the details of his birth and childhood remain undisclosed, it is apparent that his love for mechanics peaked at an early age.

At the age of eight, the reality television star built his first project, a coffee table, using a lathe, mill, and saws. Scot’s father, a master fabricator, along with his uncle and stepfather who were both mechanical engineers, taught him everything he knows.

Giving credence to their title ‘a family of automotive enthusiasts.’ His uncle would design shifter carts, and his cousin would race them all over Texas.

Even though Scot has never had the money to partake in costly sports, he loves remote control cars, shooting, and stock car racing.

Just to blow off some steam, Scot McMillan buys ammo and goes to the gun range for lunch now and then; the rest of this Misfit Garage’s cast’s spare time is spent doing what he loves, working on cars.

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