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Sara Ramirez Is Married To Husband Ryan DeBolt. Detail On Her Family.

Sara Ramirez is a Mexican-American actress, songwriter, and singer. She was born on August 31, 1975, in Mexico. The actor speaks English and Spanish fluently. Sara Ramirez developed an interest in singing at an early age, which motivated her mother to send her to San Diego School Of Creative and Performing Arts. Know Sara Ramirez’s Husband and their married life.

Short bio 

Sara Ramirez discovered her music talent during a random music audition. She also started acting while in high school. Her roles in such plays as Dolly in Hello, Witch In into the woods, were referred to her by the Juilliard School in New York. From this school, she finished with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dramatics). She polished her acting and singing skills emerging with a perfect alto voice.

Big break

While attending school at Juilliard, Sara Ramirez was noticed by a casting director. She was given an offer to act the role of Wahzinak in Paul Simon’s 1998 Broadway, musical The Caperman. The production did not receive positive reviews but Sara Ramirez was recognized for her excellent performance.

She then made her first screen appearance the same year with a memorable role in a romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail. Sara Ramirez played the role of Rose, a Zabars cashier who had a stern cash-basis policy.

Image of Sara Ramirez from Grey's Anatomy show
Sara Ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy show

Breakout role

After her success in different productions, Sara Ramirez joined the cast of  Grey’s Anatomy in a role as Dr. Calliope ‘Callie’ Torres. In an episode on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she disclosed that ABC top executives who were very impressed with her past performances had given her a lucrative offer to pick any ABC show she would want to cast. She picked Grey’s Anatomy.

She has won accolades in her great casting career. In 2007 and 2008, Sara Ramirez was nominated for the Outstanding Actress in Drama Television at the Alma Awards.

First song and album

Sara Ramirez released her first song Silent Night in 2009. Her first album came out in 2011 under the label of Atrevida records.

Having declared her bisexuality, she is a member of the True Colors Fund’s Board of directors, New York, San Francisco, and San Diego LGBT centers. The Human Rights Campaign awarded her Ally For Equality Award, in 2015

Is Sara Ramirez Still Married To husband Ryan DeBolt?

Sara Ramirez got engaged to his partner, Ryan Debolt, a business analyst in 2011 in a flashy engagement that attracted a lot of media attention. The attention was fueled by her role as a bisexual doctor in Grey’s Anatomy. The gay rumors subsequently died down, only to resurface later.  The ceremony was a private beach wedding.

Image of Sara Ramirez with her husband Ryan DeBolt
Sara Ramirez with her husband, Ryan DeBolt

She publicly declared her bisexuality and people thought that this would destroy their marriage. This is not the case, however. They work hard in their respective careers. As a result, they do not have any children so far. Success comes first for them. Sara Ramirez’s private life is a secret. This makes it very difficult for people to know what happens within her marriage with Ryan DeBolt.

Who is Ryan DeBolt? Details about her husband.

Ryan DeBolt is Sara Ramirez’s husband. He is a Mexican –American born in Mexico on September 25, 1980. His parents and siblings are a mystery. He relocated to the USA after his education in Mexico.

Image of Sara Ramirez husband Ryan DeBolt net worth is $4.5 million
Sara Ramirez husband Ryan DeBolt net worth is $4.5 million

The man has dual nationality, just like his wife, Sara Ramirez. He is a hardworking and successful businessman, who is currently worth $4.5 Million.

Previous Relationship History And Gay Orientation.

Sara Ramirez has managed to keep a very private seal to her personal life, and there is no mention anywhere regarding any previous relationship she had. She openly declared her gay orientation during a speech in October 2016. She went on to reveal her tangled life, in her speech saying,

“Woman, multi-racial woman, a woman of color, queer, bisexual, Mexican-Irish American, immigrant, and raised by families heavily rooted in Catholicism on both my Mexican & Irish sides.”

The revelation did not cause any turmoil in her relationship with the husband, Ryan DeBolt. The actor is a fervent activist for LGBT rights in the USA.

Sara Ramirez’s Family, Parents, Siblings.

She was born to Alberto Ramirez, a Mexican professor and oceanographer, and Luisa Vargas, an entertainer and educator.  

Image of Sara Ramirez with her mother Luisa Vargas and her sister
Sara Ramirez with her mother Luisa Vargas and her sister

Her two parents got divorced when she was only eight years old, and she went to live with her mother in San Diego, California. Here she faced a lot of discrimination when her white mother was not there to protect her, making her feel unworthy and unwanted.

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