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Samuel Soba: Facts About Keri Hilson’s Mysterious Husband. 2022

Samuel Soba husband of Keri Hilson

The name Samuel soba doesn’t generally ring a bell in everybody’s mind the first it is mentioned. Why? Perhaps because he postures so strangely, and has successfully kept his name out of the public’s scrutinizing eye, and most likely simply floundering in some beautiful place with his well-known spouse.

The only thing people know about  Samuel soba is that he is the husband to the exceptionally famous American performer, an on-screen character, Pop and R$B Music artist, lyricist, and producer Keri Hilson. Strange,  right?

Samuel Soba’s married life with Keri Hilson

Samuel Soba and Keri Hilson knew each other in the early  2000s and got married on March 17, 2002. Together they have two children with the name of the first covered up and the second son is Jayden.

There are dubious gossipy tidbits about Jayden not being the child of both Samuel and Keri, given Keri’s previous history of jumping into various relationships. Jayden, born in 2004 is now 18 years and attends school in New York.

Samuel Soba - Biography of Keri Hilson's Husband - Celebrity Raid

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In 2013, Keri Hilson was allegedly dating Serge Ibaka, a Congolese-Spanish b-ball player from Oklahoma, and the vast majority assumed that the couple’s marriage had hit the harsh fixes and was nearing its end. However, until now there are no indications of separation, and there might never be any divorce after all.

His past relationship.

Samuel Soba’s relationship data before being Keri’s significant other is obscure. His name has not been linked to any other individual, at the least not as overtly as Keri’s. The predominant component we understand about him is that he is straight and prefers the company of women.

Net Worth

Almost everything about Samuel Soba is mystical, and the websites do not hold a lot of this total asset, as neither does his pay. Nonetheless, given that he is the spouse of the renowned vocalist and excitement master, their net worth is gauged to be $25 MILLION.

Career and profession

From 2007-to 2009, he attended Yuba College where he graduated with an Associate degree in Science. Later, in 2011 he proceeded to California State University, Chico, and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in History. He then enrolled at the University of Jolla and came out with a Master of Arts degree. He then moved to Los Angeles and worked as a teacher in Lyndhurst High school in Olivehurst, teaching history and economics. While most people speculate that he must also be a singer, songwriter, and actor like his wife, there is no proof to ascertain that.

Samuel Soba Bio

Samuel Soba living with his family

Caption: Samuel Soba Keri Hilson’s husband

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Samuel Soba is an African American who was born in December 1982, in his hometown Cuyahoga, Ohio state in USA. This means he will turn 37 this year. He was brought up in Yuba City in California as a Christian, and after secondary school, he enjoyed a little break before furthering his studies.

As much as nothing is known about his early childhood or family, his few known cousins are   Amanda Soba, Obindi Onunka, and Caleb Alaebo. He stands 5’9″ tall and has a tall, athletic physique with dark hair and eyes.

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