Who is Sabrina Dhowre? Idris Elba is Engaged. Meet his Fiance.

Sabrina Dhowre is an American actress and a model. The stunning model who was crowned Miss Vancouver way back in 2014 has got some attractive looks that are captivating. Sabina Dhowre draws his roots to Africa, and the beautiful model cum actress draws her origin to Somalia. The young model is just 29 years old, and she is still looking stunning and very gorgeous.

Who is Sabrina Dhowre?

Sabina Dhowre came into limelight when she was crowned Miss Vancouver in 2014. The beautiful then young lady won the hearts of the judges including many other audiences who were in the event. During the event which was highly publicized, Sabina captured the attention of everyone when she stepped out clad in a shimmering grey gown with a matching plunging necklace. She became an overnight celebrity.

She is Idris Elba’s Fiance.

Idris Elba is a renowned  English actor, producer, musician and also a DJ. He has appeared in many films and television shows. Idris has established a strong fan base with an appearance in many action films and drama series. The big Hollywood actor who was born in 6th September 1972 is 45 years old in London England.

Idris Elber is currently engaged. The talented actor is engaged to a former model who is also an actress. Idris is engaged to Sabina Dhowre. Who is Sabrina Dhowre?  She is the beautiful lady with Somali origin who was crowned the Miss Vancouver 2014.

When did the two meet?

The two met way back in 2017.  The duo was first spotted getting cozy together in Manchester in August 2017. However, reliable information suggests that the two had been seeing each for quite some time and that maybe they had been dating since early 2017.

After quite some time dating in private, the couple decided to take their love to the next level. They have appeared in many public events together, and they even attended the premiere of Idris film Molly’s Game at the Toronto International Film Festivals. Who is Sabrina Dhowre? The beauty queen also likes publicity, and she has splashed many pictures on her social media account of them sharing some good moments together.

The couple is currently formally engaged.  Idris proposed to the love of his love during a screening of a film that went down in Rio Cinema Dalston, London. Sabrina Dhowre who was got unawares was overcome with emotions, and she hastily accepted the proposal by her sweetheart. The special event took place on 10th February 2018 just a few days to the valentines.

Has Idris Elba been married before? Any kids?

The actor who is also a musician has been married before.  He was once married to Kim Norgaard, but the couple separated after some time. They have a daughter together Isan who is aged 15. The Dark Tower star also has another child. He has a little child called Winston whom he sired with his ex-girlfriend, Naiyan Garth.

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