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Ryen Russillo Biography Including Net Worth, Wife, Married And Girlfriend

Ryen Russillo

Ryen Russillo is a sports journalist and he works for ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks). To be more specific, he is an American sports journalist. He has been hosting on ESPN Radio for 8 years. He is currently famous for his work in The Ryen Russillo Show. Russillo has been in many controversies because of his professional life. Moreover, there were many rumors about his love life well. Ryen worked with Scott Van Pelt for the show SVP & Russillo. However, that show was later named Russillo and Kanell, as Danny Kanell joined the show and Scott Van Pelt left it.

Smoking Hot: Ryen Russillo showing his arm in his show

Ryen Russillo in Radio show SVP & Russillo

Source: Twitter

Ryen Russillo Net Worth:

He has successfully become one of the most famous sports celebrities and this popularity has made him a millionaire. The net worth of Ryen Russillo is about $1.3 Million, which is quite good for a sports journalist. However, he has worked hard for earning this money and it is sure that he will cross $2 Million soon. His television show is very successful and it is possible that he will start investing in other business to enhance his net worth even more.

Is Ryen Russillo Married? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Ryen Russillo is a very protective personality and he has not revealed anything about any of his relationships. Even this is not confirmed if he is involved in a relationship or not. However, there were many rumors on the topic “Ryen Russillo Girlfriend”, it was a very popular topic but eventually the hype went out and the rumors faded. Nevertheless, considering his age, it can be said that he will soon get involved in a relationship. For now, he is just single and is not in a relationship with a girlfriend. Marriage is far from happening too.

Short Bio

Ryen Russillo was born on 5th of August, 1975 in West Tisbury, Massachusetts. There is nothing known about his parents or his childhood. However, it is known that he went to University of Vermont for his education in 1997 where he became a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and an intern at WCAX. He was living in Boston (Massachusetts) and hosting the show “The Die Hards (2003-2005)”. John Anik, Kevin Winter, Mike Winn and Anthony Pepe were the co-host of that show. After this show, he moved to Hartford in Connecticut. He also worked for the Sporting News Radio affiliate WWZN.

He was a commentator for the New England Patriots on WBCN. He used to do commentary on post games and pre-games. Russillo was involved in a big feud with a well-known celebrity John Dennis of WEEI. John Dennis even sent a threatening voicemail to Ryen Russillo.

He proceeded his journey to success and he hosted many shows in his career. The Baseball Show, NBA Sunday, and ESPN Radio College GameDay are the shows Ryen Russillo hosted. Russillo hosted the show GameNight on a regular basis.

Currently, he is hosting a show named Russillo Show where he has invited many guest celebrities.

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