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Ryan Kinney: Everything you need to know about Taylor Kinney’s brother

Taylor Kinney's brother Ryan Kinney

Known as Mason in the Vampire Dairies, Taylor Kinney has been talk of the town for a lot of reasons. But, looks like his other siblings did not make as much noise as he is making especially, his brother Ryan Kinney. It is unfortunate that Ryan dies at a very early age.

Ryan’s early life?

Born as Seam Ryan Kinney, this unfortunate boy had to leave his family just after turning 17 years. The reasons for his death are not known and there are no records about the reasons behind his death. He is the third child amongst the four children and his elder brothers are Taylor and Adam and his younger brother is Trent. All of you would know who Taylor Kinney is for his amazing performance in the Vampire Dairies and also for his relationship with the most happening singing girl, ‘THE LADY GAGA’ who he was dating isn’t it?

Raised by their mother, single-handedly in Neffsville, Ryan completed his education from a local school and even before he knew what college and higher studies were, the boy was no more. This left his family and friends in a state of shock.

Who are Ryan Kinney’s parents and his family details?

Born to parents Daniel Kinney and Pamela Heiser, Ryan is the third child amongst the four children in the family. He has two elder brothers Adam and Taylor Kinney, who is pretty famous in the Hollywood for his work in the Vampire Dairies and nevertheless to say, he was the one who had to be tying knots with Lady Gaga but the engagement was called off due to some reasons and the relationship broke up. He also has a younger brother called Trent.

Taylor Kinney and his father Daniel Kinney
Caption: Ryan Kinney’s father Daniel Kinney and brother Taylor Kinney

Source: Daily Mail

Ryan’s dad divorced his mother the boys were moved from Lancaster, his hometown to Neffsville where he was raised with his three other brothers. Ryan’s mother is a dental hygienist and his dad was a banker. Looks like raising three children single-handedly as a single parent must have been really difficult for Pamela.

Taylor Kinney with his mother
Caption: Caption: Ryan Kinney’s brother Taylor Kinney and mother Pamela Heiser

Source: Pinterest

While the three others settled in their lives, Ryan ended up dying at a very early age of 17, which must have been a terrible situation for both his family and friends to get over with, we suppose.

Death of Ryan Kinney

Unlike his brother Taylor, this boy is no talk of the H-town or whatsoever, he lived short. Neither did he earn a name nor was rose to fame but, his death a little disturbing that left his friends and family in a state of shock. Dying at the age of 17 for a person with completely normal health is a little strange. However, there have been no reasons recorded behind his sudden death. Ryan could spend only 6223 days with his friends and family and he passed away on September 13, 2008. There is a website that has been created in the memory of the departed soul of Ryan Kinney.

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