Ryan Ashley Malarkey Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki-Bio.

Ever since they started the competitive artistic show ‘Ink Master,’ it was the male species who dominated and went home with the prize. However, season 8 brought with it changes when they added Ryan Ashley Malarkey to the roster who became the first-ever female and youngest winner to win the competition. So let’s find out Ryan Ashley Malarkey net worth, age, height and career summarized in a wiki-type bio.

Who is Ryan Ashley Malarkey? Her career info, profession, TV shows.

The Ink Master is a celebrated tattoo artist and reality TV star famous for her black and grey photographic prints. She made her debut into television on the show Ink Master during its eighth season to compete against other reputable artists.

However, unlike her other competitors who had vast experience in the industry, Ryan only had four. No one expected Ryan Ashley Malarkey to take the crown, but even so, she did. Ashley was a late bloomer and had previously diverted her time in the fashion industry.

Image of Tattoo artist, Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Tattoo artist, Ryan Ashley Malarkey Malarkey

When she had a change of heart, the TV star re-located back home in Pennsylvania where she learned the art as a young apprentice. She carefully observed for about a year, while coming up with her designs before immersing herself into the practice.

Her success and win from Ink Master gave birth to a spin-off show called Ink Master: Angels in 2017 and is currently in its second season and recruits new artists around the globe with challenges. Sometimes, the winner even gets to go head to head with the tattoo queen.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey Net Worth, sources of income.

The final worth figure of Ryan Ashley Malarkey is still under thorough scrutiny and review. However, other viable sources claim her wealth is fast approaching seven figures with one source boldly stating a precise value at $2 million.

Image of TV Star, Ryan Ashley Malarkey net worth is $2 million

TV Star, Ryan Ashley Malarkey Malarkey net worth is $2 million

Doors to the influx of wealth came with her debut into television. The win gave the young tattoo artist, $100,000 worth of prize money, the Ink Master Title which got her featured in the Inked Magazine as well as a car.

Other sources include her salary from the spin-off show as well as her private tattoo parlor. Unlike most shops, she only works with scheduled appointments and charges heavily on the hour. Moreover, she also sells valuable merchandise through her shop called Strange and Unusual Oddities Palor.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Up to now, there are no reveals on Ryan’s body measurements nor her weight and height. The only highlight of her body are the tattoos that cover most of her. She may not have drawn the symbols on herself, but they do bear her brand of black and grey and give you an idea of what you will get for your money.

How old is Ryan Ashley Malarkey? Her age, birthdate.

The tattoo artist celebrates her birthday each year on April 29th. She was born on a Wednesday in the year 1987 making her age, 31 years.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey wiki-bio, other facts.

Full name Ryan Ashley Malarkey
Age 31
Date of Birth April 29th, 1987
Place of Birth Pennsylvania
Profession Tattoo Artist, TV personality
Net worth Under review
Boyfriend Joshua Balz
Kids None
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Taurus

You already know when Ryan was born but did you know that she hails from Pennsylvania? Her high school credentials reflect at Lake Lehman High school located in Spring Valley where she grew up. Details on her tertiary education are cited at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ever since Ryan Ashley Malarkey was a little girl, She was obsessed with art and fashion as reported by her mother, Diane Green. So it’s only logical that she would pursue a career in Fashion design. The fact that she excels as a tattoo artist doesn’t mean that she didn’t come as a fashion designer.

On the contrary, the TV star won the Critics’ Choice Award in her class upon her graduation. Even after, she secured a job as at a private clothing label where her ideas and designs flourished until 2011. It is during this period that she recalibrated on her love of art and ended up going home to become a tattoo apprentice. The rest from there is in the history books.


Ryan Ashley Malarkey is a tattoo queen making rounds with her designs. For someone her age, she has reached greater heights in her career even though her net worth remains unknown.

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