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Russell Wilson Net Worth, Salary. 2022

Image of Russell Wilson: Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Weight, Measurements

Russell Wilson born as Russell Carrington Wilson on 29th of November 1988 is a popular quarterback in American football. He plays the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL, National Football League. Before featuring in the Seattle Seahawks. Russell is best described as the sports’ mechanical quarterback. Read this to know Russell Wilson net Worth, Salary.

He is a very consistent quarterback in American football; however, he started his professional career as an athlete by indulging in both basketball and baseball. But it was football that shaped his entire career. Russell Wilson has reportedly been discounted by a countless number of the NFL scouts for a simple reason, and that was his height. 

Nevertheless, the other half of the scouts felt that he was an undeniable talent and an impressive performer in the field. After two years for playing as a quarterback for the University of Wisconsin, Seattle Seahawks chose Wilson as their 12th pick in the third round of the NFL Draft in the year 2012. And his feat in the American football managed him to earn a whopping wealth.

Russell Wilson Net Worth. His Salary Details.

Russell Wilson is one of the most promising players in American Football, and he has a couple of well-deserved awards which speaks a lot about his contribution to the NFL.

Steve Largent Award in the year 2012 and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month in December 2012 were initial awards that Russell garnered the moment he stepped into NFL. He has also been awarded NFC Offensive player of the week for seven times along with PFWA Good Guy Award in the year 2014.

Image of Baseball Player, Russell Wilson net worth is $41.2 million

Baseball Player, Russell Wilson net worth is $41.2 million

His net worth skyrocketed after Russell was ranked in the 17th position on the Top 100 players list of NFL in the year 2016. According to a source, Russell Wilson’s Net Worth is $41.2 million, which makes him the second-most highest paid player in the NFL, according to Forbes.

After becoming the youngest offensive captain, five times in a row, the Seattle Seahawks rewarded Wilson with a 4-year extension contract. As per a source, the extension contract sums up around $87.6 million, which also includes a signing bonus of $31 million. By the looks of it, Russell Wilson’s Salary is $31.8 million per annum.

Russell Wilson also has some endorsement deals with most of the influential companies in the world such as Nike, United Way, Bose, Microsoft, Goods, Facebook Live, Luvo, The Players Tribune, Eat the Ball, United Way, Wilson Sporting, Alaska Airline, Braun. According to Forbes, which gives him an endorsement deal of $10 million.

Image of American Baseball player, Russell Wilson

American Baseball player, Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson owns beautiful cars with his whopping net worth, and he possesses an Audi, a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, and Porsche Boxster.

Russell Wilson has an exquisite taste for a real estate property, and he owns a beautiful Manor House in Issaquah, Oakland.

Wilson has a height of 5’ 11,” and he weighs 215 pounds which makes a tough quarterback of this generation.

Image of Russell Wilson height is 5 feet 11 inches

Russell Wilson height is 5 feet 11 inches

Russell Wilson’s Married life and Divorce from ex-wife Ashton Meem.

The Seattle Seahawks QB has married twice so far. He was first married to his high schoolmate, Ashton Meem. Wilson met Meem during the era when he was attending North Carolina State University as well as the University in Wisconsin.

Image of Russell Wilson with his ex-wife Ashton Meem.

Russell Wilson with his ex-wife Ashton Meem.

The couple managed to maintain their healthy relationship, given that Ashton Meem decided to go to the University of Georgia. Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got married in the year 2012. Their marriage lasted for a couple of years until they decided to file for a divorce in the year 2014.

Later the reason as to why Russell Wilson decided to divorce Ashton Meem was that she had an illicit love affair with Golden Tate, one of the teammates of Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson is Now Married to Wife Ciara.

After going through an unpleasant divorce, Russell began to date the popular American R&B singer Ciara Princess Harris in early 2015. They deeply fell in love and decided to walk through an aisle. Ciara and Russell announced about their engagement on 11th of March 2016 and later got married on 6th of July 2016 in England at Peckforton Castle located in Cheshire.


Russell and wife Ciara welcomed a daughter, named Sienna Princess Wilson on 28 April 2017. He is also the stepson to Future Zahir, the son of Ciara and her ex-rapper husband Future.

Russell Wilson Age, Wiki.

Russell Wilson is 30 years old. He was born on 29 November 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born to a lawyer father Harrison Benjamin Wilson III and a legal nurse consultant mother, Tammy Wilson.

Image of Russell Wilson with his father Harrison Wilson, III

Russell Wilson with his father Harrison Wilson, III

Russell Wilson’s father also played baseball and football at Dartmouth, and he used to be a wide receiver for San Diego Chargers during 1980. Willson has an older brother named Harrison Benjamin Wilson IV and Anna Wilson. By the looks of it, sports runs in his family, his older brother used to play baseball and football at the University of Richmond and his sister Anna is a professional basketball player and plays for Stanford.

Russell Wilson is 62% African; astonishingly he is 36% European, 1% Central Asian and 1% West Asian, according to the analysis of genetic admixture.

Age 30 years (Born May 29, 1988)
Net Worth $41.2 Million
Spouse Ashton Meem (Divorced)

Ciara Princess Harris (6th July 2016)

Kids Sienna Princess Wilson (Daughter)

Future Zahir (Stepson)

Occupation American Football Quarterback
Parents Harrison Benjamin Wilson III (Father)

Tammy Wilson (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity African-European-Asian

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