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Robert Kraft Net Worth, Sources of Income, Career Info 2022

Robert Kraft had such a clean name until recently when he was hit with a sex scandal. He is facing two misdemeanor charges for “soliciting another to commit prostitution”. There was an on-going investigation on a spa suspected of sex trafficking women and forcing them to perform sex acts on clients. Robert Kraft was pinpointed from the videotapes recovered from secret cameras installed in the spa.

Robert Kraft is 77 years having been born on June 5, 1941, in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was born to his parents Sarah Bryna and Harry Kraft who was a dress manufacturer. His father, a lay leader at the Kihilath Israel, brought up his family in a conservative Jewish religious culture. He had a dream of mentoring his son to become a rabbi. He graduated from Brookline High School in 1959, where he was a senior class president. Robert Kraft later attended Columbia University where again he served as the class president.

He was married to her late wife, Myra Hiatt Kraft, in 1963. By the time her wife died from ovarian cancer, they had four sons.

Image of Robert Kraft with his late wife Myra Hiatt Kraft,
Robert Kraft with his late wife, Myra Hiatt Kraft,

It is clear that Robert Kraft’s leadership skills started to show early in his life.

Robert Craft net worth is $6.6 Billion in 2019.

Robert Kraft has a net worth of $6.6 billion as estimated by Forbes.

He is a man of immense means when it comes to the business world. He is currently the CEO and chairman of the Kraft Group, a group of companies that own stakes in sports and entertainment, paper and packaging, real estate and private equity. He earns a lot from his businesses such as Gillette Stadium, Major League Soccer, New England Revolution, New England Patriots, and National Football League.

Image of Businessperson, Robert Kraft net worth is $6.6 billion
Businessperson, Robert Kraft net worth is $6.6 billion

Robert Kraft started his professional career when his father-in-law, Jacob Hiatt, invited him to work at his Randy-Whitney Group, a Worcester a packaging company. His prowess in business propelled him to succeed in his job at the company, and in 1968, Robert Kraft gained control of the company through a buyout.

He still holds the chairmanship of the company to-date. In the early ‘70s, he founded International Forest Products, a company that trades in paper commodities. The two companies above now form the largest private packaging company in the U.S.

Robert Kraft earned a lot from his investment in New England Television Corp, which controls WNAC- TV. He acquired this investment in 1982, and he became a director of the board in 1983. He later made a big earning from the sale of his shares, earning him about $25 million.

Robert Kraft with a group of other investors purchased the Boston Lobsters of World Team Tennis.

Image of Entrepreneur, Robert Kraft
Entrepreneur, Robert Kraft

Kraft bought The New England Patriots club in 1994 from the Sullivans who were undergoing bankruptcy. He had been a fan of the club since their American Football league days. In 2002, he built the team a stadium now called Gillette Stadium. The club has had sterling performance ever since Robert Kraft took it over. The club and stadium have earned him a lot of money.

Robert Kraft is reported to have bought Boston Uprising, in 2017. This is an e-team/video game called Overwatch esports, based in Boston and competes in the Overwatch league. The league uses the model of other North American professional sports leagues. It mimics the traditional city-based teams supported by different types of owners.

Kraft has won an award after another for his entrepreneurial and leadership prowess. Some of these awards come with great earnings. In 2006 he won the Theodore Roosevelt Award, and in 2013 he won the Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence Award.

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