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Robert Hawking: Family Life and Career 2022

Robert Hawking with father Stephen Hawking and Timothy Hawking

Not so much is known of Stephen Hawking’s wife, Jane Hawking, and their children. Robert Hawking is the son of the scientist Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane Hawking. He is the firstborn in a family of 3 siblings. His siblings include; Timothy and Lucy Hawking. Jane Hawking, their mother, is a scientist just like their father, Dr. Stephen Hawking. However, unlike Stephen Hawking, Jane Hawking is an award-winning author. She is mostly known for her book “Making a trip to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.” Robert Hawking, according to his father, was born a scientist. Being the firstborn in the Hawking family, Robert Hawking spent most of his childhood moments with her father. He spent the most time with her father through his sickness.

A perfect family picture of Stephen Hawking with first wife Jane Hawking
Caption: Robert Hawking family picture with father Stephen Hawking, mother Jane Hawking, and siblings

Source: Daily Mail


Robert Hawking turned out to be a product engineer. He currently works at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, USA. Despite being a British descendant, he has also worked in Canada before coming to Washington. He is such a passionate engineer that he is considered an engineer by calling. Her sister Lucy Hawking, on the other hand, majored in Literature. She is an English Columnist and author. Among the books, she has written, “George’s secret key to the universe,” which she composed with the help of her father. She is also a French and Russian examiner at the University of Oxford.

Cute picture of scientist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy Hawking
Caption: Robert Hawking’s sister Lucy Hawking with their scientist father, Stephen Hawking

Source: Daily Mail

His younger brother Timothy Hawking, on the other hand, is currently working for a famous toy store. He is a Spanish and French graduate from Exter University in England and later after completing the studies he worked for some small companies as an Account Manager.

Robert Hawking Married life, Wife, Kids, and more on Personal Life.

The eldest son of Stephen Hawking is married and has two children. Robert Hawking’s personal life is not that much-publicized, unlike her father’s life. Despite being away from her father, Robert Hawking is fond of his father, and he always visits him.

His fun moments are not that much known. Unlike him, his brother Timothy Hawking is a formula one dashing fanatic. His mother, Jane Hawking, confirmed that she always visited his son in Washington to see her grandchildren.

Cute picture of Stephen Hawking before his illness with first wife Jane Hawking
Caption: Robert Hawking’s father, Stephen Hawking, and mother, Jane Hawking, before illness

Caption: Reddit

Timothy Hawking’s father is Jonathan Hellyer Jones, who happens to be a musician. Tim’s mother, Jane Hawking, married Jonathan Jones after her divorce from Dr. Stephen Hawking. The Hawking family is united, and even despite Timothy Hawking being their half-brother, they still hold him as a true Hawking member.


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