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Ricky Berwick Wiki, Disability, Age, Disease, Married to a wife? His Net Worth Details. 2022

Image of Ricky Berwick Wiki, Disaility, Age, Disease

Let’s face it! Not everyone with a disability is comfortable enough to come out openly among people let alone showcase what they can really do. In fact, some wholly become inactive proving that disability is indeed inability but such is not the case with Ricky Berwick. If you follow him on various social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and youtube, you are likely to define him as your rib cracker which is perfectly okay. I mean, who will be so mean not to laugh at his humor scenes? Following is all you need to know about your favorite social media personality from his personal life, to his age to his physical disability, and even his wife.

Who is Ricky Berwick?

23rd April 1992-this was when he first dawned on earth. Meaning, that as of 2018, Ricky Berwick’s age is 29. Canada happens to be the young man’s place of birth. Devon and Barbara Berwick are the lucky parents of this gentleman. He today ranks as the best online comedian in the online comic industry with over one million subscribers on his youtube channel. Although he founded the channel in 2007, the first uploaded his video in 2016.

Here, he continually thanked Keemstar for enabling him to defy the odds of disability. This first video enabled him to gain around a thousand subscribers, and with every single video he kept posting, he gained more subscribers and viewers hence his popularity.

Image of Ricky Berwick disabilities

The rib cracker presently has 122 subscribers. He decided to expand his comic videos to other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Ordering McDonald’s, Fidget Spinners Review, and buying a video game with my chair are among his top-rated videos. He is in every aspect of earning a fortune from this field.

Ricky Berwick’s Disability, Disease, and medical condition

Apart from humor one thing you tend to notice easily is Ricky Berwick’s physical disability. Well, the star suffers from Beals-Hecht. A physical disorder he acquired through genetic since birth. It is believed that mutation in the FBN2 gene is the primary cause of the ailment. Perhaps this now explains the reason why the comedian arm span is somewhat greater compared to his height and why he also has long toes and fingers.

Although he says that he is now comfortable with the disorder because it has become part of him and he has accepted this sad reality, he cannot fail to admit that the disease was quite challenging during his early childhood.  Ricky Berwick spent nearly all his time in a motorized wheelchair. This is why he cannot walk on his own even today. No need to worry about losing him any time soon because the disease does not affect limit his stay on earth.

Is Ricky Berwick Married to wife?

He is among those celebrities that prefer sticking to business and not revealing anything about their life. Therefore, his relationship life is not known. Speculations are that Ricky Berwick is not married because of his young age, but he may have a girlfriend based on his tweet on 13th April this year (2018) urging people to unfollow his girlfriend. Or was this one of his comics again? You will know of the reality once he opens up about this subject matter. As it stands, however, he does not have children.


The comedian Ricky Berwick is a Canadian. His weight and height are yet to be disclosed by any credible sources to the public. If you plan on surprising him, take a cat with you because he has a special kind of love for cats especially his cats Sonny and Shaddy. Although he interchangeably wears both the Spiderman and Batman costumes, his favorite outfit as a result of his passion for Spiderman is the Spiderman attire.

He does not only depend on comic entertainment to make his living. He is an entrepreneur and earns some income from selling printed T-shirts and other attires on

Image of Ricky Berwick net worth is $19 million
Ricky Berwick net worth is $19 million

Reliable source state that Ricky Berwick’s net worth as of 2018 could be higher than $19 million and this may increase with the passing of years. The young celebrity made a TV appearance in 2017, but it did not go well. He likes keeping his life to himself hence his hate for interviews as they tend to make him reveal a lot about his life.


Name Ricky Berwick
Birthdate 23.04.1992
Age 26
Nationality Canadian
Career Comic entertainer and businessman
Net worth $19 million
Marital status Not known
Children None
Disorder Beals-Hecht syndrome
Parents Barbara and Devon Berwick
Weight and height Not known

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